Discreet Breastfeeding and Babywearing

Discreet Breastfeeding in Ellevill woven wrap

This is what is known as discreet breastfeeding thanks to a Front Wrap Cross Carry in a Paisley Linger Ellevill wrap.

You can learn some ways to nurse in your woven wrap here 🙂

While it comes easily to some nursing pairs, other moms and babies just don’t breastfeed discreetly.

Sometimes getting the right positioning, latch, and keeping baby focused gets all messed up by trying to use a cover, or position clothes discreetly and the mom ends up with a crying/screaming mess instead of a happily feeding infant or toddler. Read More

Big Changes for the Wrap Your Baby Family

Unprecedented 2 for 1 woven wraps sale!

Starts on 12 July (Wednesday) at 12am EST through Friday. Choose your first wrap and check-out. Your second wrap will be a surprise!

The second wrap may be 1st or 2nds Quality. It may be a wrap conversion ring sling, a discontinued Didymos wrap, or even a babywearing sweatshirt or jacket (we will pay attention to your shipping address and not send babywearing outerwear to a customer in the hottest climates)! However, most of the surprise gifts will be another woven wrap. It may be the same size or a different size from the one you order.

International customers will need to pay shipping for both, so I will contact you for the additional shipping payment when I receive your order. US shipping is free.

This deal cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts and is not applicable retroactively to any items purchased from me before the start of this sale.

The Story

Our Little Cabin in New Mexico

Our family, Diana and David, Ada (12), Annabelle (7), and Cassidy (6) are moving our life and our business to the East Mountains of New Mexico where we will live in a one room, off-grid cabin on 20 acres where we will be neighbors with David’s parents. Read More

Pro Wrestlers Reby Sky and Matt Hardy Baby Wearing

Reby Sky with Jeff and Matt Hardy Baby Wearing

A professional wrestler herself, now married to Broken Matt Hardy, Rebecca Hardy (aka Reby Sky and Queen Rebecca), is a key member of Professional Wrestling’s most beloved family, consisting of brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy, Reby’s father Señor Benjamin, and Reby and Matt’s 1 year old son, King Maxel.

Reby’s pregnancy and the birth of Maxel led to a major transition for her career and one that accompanied a dramatic and wildly successful shift in the family’s wrestling story line.

In the meantime, Reby and Matt Hardy have found their footing as parents, with parenting practices that some would describe as attachment parenting. But Rebecca Hardy describes her  parenting style as Crunchy Glamour.  Read More

Is My Toddler Too Big For a Wrap?

Is my baby too big for a wrap?

No, your baby – even your toddler – is NOT too big for a wrap! How do I know? Keep reading and you’ll see!

For a toddler wrap, you will want to get a good woven wrap. You will not get the support you want from a stretchy wrap. With a sturdy toddler wrap you will find out how comfortable wrapping a one year old, two year old, three year old, or four year old can be!  Read More

Front Wrap Cross Carry Newborn Twist

Front Wrap Cross Carry Newborn Twist

The Front Wrap Cross Carry Newborn Twist is a trick that may make your newborn Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) work better for you.

Using this twist is not wrong or right. It’s a tool for you to use if it fits your needs!

As long as your baby is positioned safely and you are both comfortable and happy, then you are wrapping ‘right’ whether you twist or not.

How to tell your baby is positioned safely: Read More

How is a Wrapped Baby Like a Paper Flower?

Sweet and Happy with Baby Wrap Origami

Why do people love wrapping so much?

If you are new to wrapping (or when you were new to wrapping), did you ever wonder why so many people love wrapping SO much?

Connection between you and your baby is absolutely the most important thing that wrapping facilitates.

Yet many parents are nervous about wraps specifically, choosing other baby carriers instead.  These parents don’t become enthusiastic about woven wraps until the second, third, or fourth baby.  Then, once they do get into wrapping, they rarely go back. What is it about wraps that lure babywearers away from other kinds of baby carriers? Read More

Natibaby Notes & the Babywearing Orchestra

Nati Notes: the Ode to Joy Wrap

We are a music-loving family, and that’s why we wanted to make this wrap that looks like sheet music.  There was nothing else like it at the time.  But it couldn’t just be a nod towards music, it was for real musicians, so it had to be REAL music.  Natibaby Notes is woven sheet music to Ode to Joy, the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, and a piece that most musicians have played. Read More

Comparing Mei Tais to Woven Wraps

This is not so much an introduction to Mei Tais as it is a geeky comparison.  When I first launched WrapYourBaby.com in 2005 I included instructions for both wraps and Mei Tais.  My favorite carriers were woven wraps and Mei Tais and I wanted to teach others about them at a time when there weren’t local groups and spotting other babywearers “in the wild” was rare.  Now that my site is dedicated to woven wrapping, I wanted to find a way to incorporate these images with my oldest daughter from all those years ago.  I don’t have the originals anymore, so I can’t offer bigger versions, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway in the context of this comparison!  Read More

Kinds of Baby Carriers

Historical Note: This was one of the first pages on my original educational website, long before I added a store.  WrapYourBaby.com was one of the earliest websites providing photo tutorials for wraps (and originally mei tais as well) before YouTube came along and provided video tutorials.  I created this page to help explain the most popular kinds of carriers when they were less well known.  Note that ABC was the popular descriptor for Asian-style carriers in 2005, and pouches were much more popular at the time – they are safe, ergonomic carriers and not another name for the dangerous bag carriers in which baby dangles by the parent’s hip. This page did not include descriptions of Soft Structured Carriers as the Ergo had not yet become so well known at the time that I wrote this (2005) and other brands of SSC were yet to follow.

Read More

Make Mothers Day Meaningful

Baby Carriers for Refugees Mothers Day Giveaway

This Mother’s Day help a refugee family by donating money or carriers to Carry the Future and comment on this Facebook post to tell me you did. I’ll choose one random winner to receive one of my exclusive woven wraps.

Carry the Future accepts donated soft structured carriers and mei tais which are personally brought to Greece by their volunteers.  These volunteers are trained in the use of the carriers and meet refugees where they land in Greece or at other camps to pass out the carriers and teach the recipients how to use them.  Because of the language barrier and the very short amount of time they have to teach the families safe use of the carrier, they only accept SSCs (soft structured carriers or buckle carriers) and Mei Tais: carriers that can be easily and quickly demonstrated visually.

Read More

Babywearing Halloween Contest 2015

Do I spy Pumpkin spice . . . everything? Must be time for Wrap Your Baby’s annual Facebook Costume Contest!

One entry will win a free woven wrap!

Start planning your babywearing costume now. Share it on the Wrap Your Baby Facebook page anytime in October. I will share some of the photos on social media or on my blog and on 3 November I will collect all entries to a contest album and voting will occur the first week of November.  The photo with the most likes will win a woven wrap!
Read More

Natibaby Wool Wrap for Summer

I donated a wool Natibaby wrap to the Babywearing Group in Augusta, Georgia, with the request that they try it out in the Summer and tell me if the rumors are true: is a wool wrap really breathable and (relatively) cool in hot weather?
Here are the responses from members of the Augusta Area Babywearers:

Woven Wrap with Snowflakes

“Thick but not too heavy. I had this wrap in fall and it was perfect. Not too hot at all. Loved the way it wrapped, it got me hooked on baby wearing!” Kaitlyn G.

Read More

My First Wrapped Baby Turns Eleven

How I became a mother, Wrap Your Baby became a business, and you got 25% off a Natibaby wrap this week – read on!

I became a mother on September 9th 2004.  It was a girl!  I had planned to name her Molly if she was a girl but once he met her, David insisted that she didn’t look like a Molly.

Wrap Your Baby's First Baby Birth

Does she look like a Molly?

We spent our first day together in bed (all three of us) trying out names and the first one we all really liked was Ada.  David’s father comes from a Jewish family and we loved that Ada is a form of the Hebrew name Adah, which is found in the bible and means “ornament” or “brightness.”  I didn’t find out until later that Ada means First Born Daughter in the Nigerian language Igbo,  and while we have no known ties to Nigeria, I love that it is appropriate in another language as well.

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