Big Changes for the Wrap Your Baby Family

10th July, 2017 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 6 Comments

Unprecedented 2 for 1 woven wraps sale!

Starts on 12 July (Wednesday) at 12am EST through Friday. Choose your first wrap and check-out. Your second wrap will be a surprise!

The second wrap may be 1st or 2nds Quality. It may be a wrap conversion ring sling, a discontinued Didymos wrap, or even a babywearing sweatshirt or jacket (we will pay attention to your shipping address and not send babywearing outerwear to a customer in the hottest climates)! However, most of the surprise gifts will be another woven wrap. It may be the same size or a different size from the one you order.

International customers will need to pay shipping for both, so I will contact you for the additional shipping payment when I receive your order. US shipping is free.

This deal cannot be combined with other coupons or discounts and is not applicable retroactively to any items purchased from me before the start of this sale.

The Story

Our Little Cabin in New Mexico

Our family, Diana and David, Ada (12), Annabelle (7), and Cassidy (6) are moving our life and our business to the East Mountains of New Mexico where we will live in a one room, off-grid cabin on 20 acres where we will be neighbors with David’s parents.

If we love it, we will build a house to live in. In the meantime, we intend to set up solar panels and a rain water catchment system to provide minimal electric and water needs.

Yes, we will have internet and Wrap Your Baby will continue to share wrapping tutorials, entertainment, and resources, and to ship wraps all over the globe.

New Home Waiting For Us


How You Can Help

You know what would really help? Selling a huge amount of inventory so that we can replace it with new designs when we arrive at our new place, without having to pay to haul it across the country!

That’s why we are launching an unprecedented 2 FOR 1 SALE on in-stock wraps starting this Wednesday!


Adventures to Come, Friends to Make

New Mexico has a thriving babywearing community including a big group centered around nearby (one and a half our drive) Albuquerque and a spectacular social program for bringing baby carriers and other resources to some of the population that needs it most. Please check out the Babywearing Enrichment Center of New Mexico.

I look forward to getting settled in our new home so that we can begin to reach out into the community to join homeschool groups and participate in the babywearing meetups, hopefully making wonderful friends and making lots of fun videos together 😀

Annabelle and Cassidy Ready to Go!

Wrap Your Baby Timeline

2004 (September), our first baby, Ada Maria, is born at home.

2005 (Summer), Wrap Your Baby is born as Diana and baby Ada begin selling EllaRoo wraps locally, providing local moms in Clearwater Florida with the opportunity to try out wraps in person and get one-on-one help before deciding to buy.

2005 (December), Diana’s mother helps her create the original iteration of – a website for teaching moms across the world to wrap.

2007 (January), pregnancy complications lead to the cesarean birth of our second daughter, Clementine Annabelle, whose body is not strong enough to survive. She lives long enough for us to hold her and give her a name. Clementine’s birth story is here.

2008 (Summer), Diana adds a store to so that we can sell EllaRoo wraps globally to the families who find us online.

2009 (December), third daughter, Annabelle Apple, is born at home on Christmas Day.

2011 (April), our son, Cassidy Forrest, is born at home.

2011 (June), our family begins travelling full time in a 22′ Motorhome named Benny the Brave, taking Wrap Your Baby on the road.

2012 (October), we land in Tampa Florida, ready for a more sedentary life, and move in with Diana’s parents and sister.

2013, we begin designing exclusive wrap designs with huge community response, including Nati Notes, Natibaby Tattooed, Wrapsody Luna, Natibaby Odyssey, Easycare Rainbow Baby, Girasol Sunshine Rainbow, Lenny Lamb Smoki, and many more.

2016 (Summer), Wrap Your Baby gets our new website.

2017 (July), our family travels to the East Mountains of New Mexico to move into a one room, off-grid cabin on 20 acres where we will be neighbors with David’s parents. Solar panels will help to keep Wrap Your Baby in business over the internet, and we’ll have to take our packages into town to ship wraps each day.


Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️


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