Admire Your Own Parenting

7th February, 2018 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / No Comments

Most of us are our own harshest critics.

And no wonder – we struggle daily to keep our patience under the duress of our children’s inexhaustible attentions and simultaneously rail against anyone who loses patience with our dearest darlings.

But what would happen if you shifted from being your own critic to becoming your own cheerleader?

Give Yourself Credit for Good Parenting

You can do it with baby steps:

  1. Consciously look for the moments when you do practice patience and shower yourself with admiration for that moment.
  2. Look at your kids in their happiest moments and feel pride in giving them a happy life.
  3. Even congratulating yourself for keeping them alive despite their harrowing antics on a particularly difficult day.

You are a super star! Treat yourself to a chocolate chip cookie or whatever makes you feel special. I’m not kidding, you deserve it!

I have a feeling we’d do better with encouragement over condemnation and then our kids win, too

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