Grow a Real Grass Easter Basket (So Easy)!

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 Gorw a Real Grass Easter Basket

Plant REAL GRASS in your Easter Basket!

This is surprisingly easy, I promise you.

All the items you need are easy to find but if you don’t have them to hand and want to order some, I have provided links below to make your search faster (and if you buy through my link, I get a small affiliate fee):

  • Easter basket
  • Newspaper
  • Potting Soil
  • Wheat Berries
  • jar or bowl for soaking

I usually get Easter Baskets from thrift stores but if you want to have it delivered to your door, you can get these from Amazon Prime:

Wheat berries are the seeds you will be planting (if you have a grinder, they can also be ground into flour!):

And if you need potting soil, here is a good organic one that gives great results:


We have done this for several different Easters and my three kids ALWAYS enjoy it.

Plus the baskets are SO beautiful!

AND, you’re growing plants instead of supporting the plastic grass industry. Win-win-win!

Plan to plant the seeds about 10 days before Easter so the grass will grow tall enough.

That’s what wheat berries are, you know. Seeds. Wheat seeds.

How To Grow WheatGrass in an Easter Basket

  1. Soak wheat berries overnight in a bowl or jar with at least an inch of water over the top of the seeds.
  2. Line basket with one layer of newspaper.
  3. Fill Easter Basket with potting soil or good dirt.
  4. Water the soil until well moistened but not soupy.
  5. Sprinkle wheat berries over entire basket until the dirt is more or less covered in a single layer.
  6. Sprinkle a thin layer of soil loosely over wheat berries.
  7. Cover with damp newspaper to keep the seeds dark and moist.
  8. Keep moist by watering once or twice daily, replacing the newspaper afterwards, until seeds sprout (2-4 days). A spray bottle is the best way to water without over-watering or disturbing the seeds. Even small children can be responsible for the watering if using a spray bottle. If you don’t have one, best to let an adult or older child pour water very gently onto the soil.
  9. Once you see sprouts, move Easter Basket to a location with indirect sunlight and continue to water daily to keep moist.

You should have a tall, beautiful lawn of real grass in your Easter Basket 7-10 days after planting the seeds!

If you get a late start, you might have a neat lawn of short grass (2-4 inches) in 4-7 days.

In our house the kids grow the grass, and leave their baskets for the Easter Bunny on Easter Eve. In the morning they look to see what treats have been left in the grassy basket!

What to do with Your Wheat Grass After Easter

That’s real honest-to-god wheat grass that can be juiced for much cheaper than  when you buy it by the paper shot glass at the health food store!

Now that you know how easy it is to grow wheatgrass, you might just want to grow it weekly for the nutritional benefits (not to mention the cheery sight of grass growing in your home)!

Here’s a juicer that’s great for wheatgrass and all leafy greens:


Okay, next item: junky plastic easter eggs. You don’t need them.

These wooden eggs are totally fun to decorate, hide, and hunt for! Plus you can skip the toxic dye and just use paints you probably already have in your kids art supplies!

And maybe some of these adorable quail-size eggs too:

While they do not open (so you cannot put candy inside), these are so much fun for kids to decorate and it is so lovely to skip out on the dying bath and the hard boiled eggs and just set up a craft table with wooden eggs and paints.

I like this set because it is big bottles so you can use it for many projects, and it has all the colors you need to make any color/shade you want easily. It is also washable (but I always put my kids in clothes I’m not worried about, just in case)!

If you want to skip the Easter sugar overload, focusing more on Easter art is the perfect remedy!

If you do want to make sure your kiddos get their Easter treats, be sure to check out my post on ethical and natural Easter candy for the Easter Bunny to bring. The candy can go straight on the real grass in the Easter Basket. Even unwrapped jelly beans have just been suspended above the dirt by the grass. But, honestly, kids eat dirt anyway so let’s not fret . . .

So tell me how it turns out or comment to tell me your creative Easter Traditions. Happy Parenting!

How to Grow a Real Glass Easter Basket

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