Babywearing When the Weather Changes

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Babywearing When it Gets Chilly

When it starts to get chilly in the evening and early mornings, wrapping parents are presented with the challenge of dressing themselves and their babies for a day with fluctuating temperatures. Of course, layers are always good – you can remove them when it gets hotter, and put them back on when it gets cooler.

When you have a baby in a wrap or other carrier, it may be simplest to dress both of you in a t-shirt or light top, and then just throw a jacket over both of you until it warms up.

Even if you leave baby’s legs bare, the jacket should cover those cute little legs completely.

Remember, the two of you will be much warmer together than you would be if you were not wrapped. Your jacket will help hold in all that generated body heat!

You can use a big sweater or jacket that zips or buttons in the front, zipping it up enough to come up to the back of baby’s neck so that both of your heads stick out the opening.

Or you can use a specially made babywearing sweatshirt or jacket that is made with separate head holes for you and baby such as Lenny Lamb’s Fleece Babywearing Sweatshirt.

Lenny Lamb Babywearing Sweatshirt Red, back view

Back Carries can work with either your large sweater/jacket with the head opening slouched back to allow baby’s head to stick out behind yours. As in this vintage photo of me and my eldest from January 2006 (that’s just chilly when you live in Florida).

Big sweater over baby in a back carry

I wish it was easier to see, but that’s just an oversized black sweater that buttons up in the front and I put it on around the both of us. Her arms could have been tucked in with the sweater up to her neck, but she had warm sleeves on and at two years, preferred arms out.

The Lenny Lamb Sweatshirts also work fine for a back carry if you prefer a more polished look 🙂

Back carry in Lenny Lamb Babywearing Sweatshirt

You can find more helpful ideas for babywearing in even colder weather here.

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