All About Woven Wrap Kangaroo Carry

27th March, 2018 / Baby Wrap Tips / 1 Comment

Kangaroo Carry Tutorial with a short or long woven wrap

Kangaroo Carry is a wonderful carry for a newborn, older baby, or toddler and it can be done with a short or long wrap. Kangaroo can usually be done with a wrap two sizes shorter than the wrap length you need for full length carries like Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). We call this Base – 2.

You might even be able to do it with a Base – 3 wrap. So if you have a short wrap, go ahead and give it try!

Kangaroo Carry Tutorial for Woven Wraps

Reinforced Kangaroo Carry

If you only have a long wrap you can still do Kangaroo Carry. Instead of tying under baby’s bottom, cross over and under baby’s legs and bring around to your back to tie. This is a Reinforced Kangaroo Carry which gives added support and an unpoppable seat.

Reinforced Kangaroo Carry with a size 6 woven

Above you can see that Sarah has crossed the pink wrap over baby’s bottom. She brings the wrap around to tie behind instead of tied under baby’s bottom. That’s the Reinforced Kangaroo Carry which she is doing with  a size 6 wrap. She could probably do a regular Kangaroo Tied Under Bottom with a size 4 wrap.

Reinforced Kangaroo Tutorial

Newborn Kangaroo Carry

A lot of parents and educators love Kangaroo Carry for newborns. European wrapping tradition recommends newborn carries with just a single layer over baby in order to protect the outward C shaped curve of baby’s spine and avoid the danger of flattening the spine with too many layers.

While I love Front Wrap Cross Carry and other multi layer carries for a newborn, and know you can do them well to support the spinal curve, Kangaroo is a great choice, too 🙂

Newborn Kangaroo Carry

See how well this carry cradles Lacey’s newborn in the biologically perfect upright, heart-to-heart, curved position? The wrap holds her snugly with the sides of the wrap providing good support. Because of this, baby cannot lean or slouch into an uncomfortable or unsafe position.

Newborn Kangaroo Carry Tutorial

Kangaroo Carry and Kangaroo Care

This carry would be great for skin-to-skin contact, sometimes called Kangaroo Care. Studies have found skin to skin touch to be especially beneficial to premature babies. It is also wonderful for all babies, and when baby is sick.

Skin to skin is beneficial with mom or dad, though there is evidence that mom, specifically, can help to regulate baby’s temperature with skin-to-skin contact.

You can do skin-to-skin contact, or Kangaroo Care, topless, or with a shirt that is open in front or even with something like a scoop neck so baby’s cheek is against your skin. Wear a button up shirt OVER the wrap for a little more modesty. Leave it open in front or (if big enough) button around both you and baby!

Toddler Kangaroo Carry

Windy Toddler Carry in Didy Eva Wrap

Kangaroo Carry is great for toddlers, too as you can see in this beautiful picture by Kerrisajoelle Photography!

Toddler Kangaroo Carry Tutorial

So, ready to Kangaroo your baby? Comment below to tell me how you like Kangaroo Carry!
Happy Wrapping!

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  • Elizabeth Roper March 30, 2018 at 7:16 am

    I like the kangaroo carry best for times when my baby has already fallen asleep on my chest. I can tie the wrap around both of us without waking him up! Love it.


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