Woven Wrap Base Size 7 – Wrap Model Oana

Which Size Woven Wrap is Perfect For You?

Oana is 5’6, wears US size 20 and uses a wrap base size 7.

If you are a similar size you may be able to do the same carries with each wrap length.

Rucksack Tied Tibetan with size 6 woven

Base -5: Oana’s Size 2 (about 2.6 meters) Woven Wrap Carries

Base -3: Oana’s Size 4 (about 3.6 meters) Woven Wrap Carries

Base -1: Oana’s Size 6 (about 4.6 meters) Woven Wrap Carries

While Oana’s would use a Wrap Base Size 7, she prefers shorter wraps and shorter carries so doesn’t have any pictures doing any wrap carries in her wrap base size 7.

Just because it’s your base size doesn’t mean you have to use that wrap size!

Your wrap base size is the shortest wrap length that you can use to comfortably tie a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). You may not even want to do a FWCC.

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