Best Natural Baby Gifts for Baby Shower or Christmas

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7 Best Natural Baby Gifts on Amazon

Top Natural Baby Gifts and Toys on Amazon Christmas 2018

Natural baby gifts are always appreciated by new moms and by babies, too. If mom already has a fair trade woven baby wrap, here are some fun natural baby gifts she is sure to appreciate!

I tend towards baby minimalism. But when I do get a natural baby toy, it better be aesthetic, quiet (no electronics, please), and get a lot of use or it’s got to go!

Get Away from Electronic Toys with this Natural Wood Clutching Toy

Natural Wood Baby Toy Easy Grip Teething Baby Gift
The smooth, colorful beads in Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads Wood Rattle, Teether, and Clutching Toy are so fun and satisfying to manipulate that parents enjoy this toy as much as babies!

This natural baby toy has staying power because toddlers love it too. Since it doesn’t look junky, you’ll love keeping it around for years.

Brightly colored, sustainable wood balls are attached by strong elastic that doesn’t break and the balls are on the large side so you don’t have to worry about any choking hazard. Made with a non-toxic, water based finish so no concerns about safety when your baby mouths this toy.


Oball Rattle

Affordable, small, light baby toy gift
The Oball Shaker – flexible, textured rattle is one of the best reviewed baby toys on Amazon and at under $4 with Prime shipping, anyone can have it. If you’re planning a Christmas Stocking for baby this year, the Oball Shaker seems like a no-brainer!

The Oballs at either end are soft and squeezable and perfect to gum.

The colorful balls in the center create fun (but muted) sounds so they are a delight to baby’s eyes AND ears 🙂

Get this toy to bring along wherever you go as it hardly takes up any room and is super light.


If you have a cranky or fussy baby, you may be very happy to find an effective teether that will bring that baby relief! So here are the teethers that made reviewers’ babies happy. Lots of them!

Eco-Friendly Easy Grip Silicon Fruit Teether

Natural Teether Silicon Fruit Teething Toy Natural Baby ToyBabies love this Nurtureland Teething Toy and Massager because it is easy to hold, has perfect soft texture to sooth gums and teeth, and can be refrigerated to make the teether soothingly cool for teething relief.

Moms love it because it is BPA free, FDA approved, and dishwasher safe. Whether you have a little baby or are struggling with toddler molars, this teether will reach where its needed to massage and sooth gums for relief for your little love so it works really well for all ages!

NOTE: The current design is made in one piece (unibody) so it cannot break apart as some reviews mention could happen with the older version.

Babies’ Favorite Toy According to Thousands of Reviews

Winkel Rattle Natural Baby Toy and TeetherIf you want to get just one or two teethers that are the best bet to work for your baby, get the fruit teething toys above and this Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy Winkle Rattle and Teething Toy.

While the fruit teether above provides texture to massage the gums and the ability to reach in the back of the mouth for molar relief, this Winkle Rattle and Teething Toy is a favorite of young babies who can manage to grab the natural baby toy from any angle and get a soft tube in their mouths on any side.

The gentle rattling delights them and the design of the toy promotes two handed grabbing and can be used to encourage tummy time.

NOTE: this one is hand-wash ONLY. Dishwasher or boiling water can melt it.

Alternative Teething Relief

Does amber really work for teething relief? Thousands of moms say there is a very obvious difference when they use an amber necklace or anklet on their baby. But there are also plenty of moms who say it made no difference.

Worse case scenario, you get a really cool looking baby anklet!

Baltic Amber Teething Anklet with Certificate of Authenticity

Certified Baltic Amber Teething Anklet Teething Bracelet Natural Homeopathic RemedyFor those of you new to the concept of amber teething jewelry, it’s NOT for putting in baby’s mouth! Rather the amber has homeopathic properties that sooth pain when lying against baby’s skin.

You will find people using this Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet For Babies, Toddlers & Kids for all kinds of discomforts including headache relief, sleep strikes, or non-teething fussiness. Several moms found that it dramatically reduced baby drooling while teething.

The string is knotted between each bead so if it breaks only one bead will fall off. If it is too big for your baby’s ankle, try putting a sock over it to hold it on.

Try it for 30 days and if you’re not convinced, the company will give you a refund. So what have you got to lose (other than baby’s pain and unhappiness)?

Pacifier or No Pacifier?

My first baby screamed every time we were in the car. For. An. Entire. Year. I wish she would have taken a pacifier to keep her calm when I couldn’t hold her. Maybe if this one had been available she would have!

Natural Rubber Pacifier means no chemicals in baby’s mouth and plus it’s biodegradable. So that’s a “yes, please!” from me!

Natural Rubber Pacifier Non Toxic Bibs BinkieThe best natural baby gifts for a baby are not always toys.

If you want to try a paci with your baby, BIBS BPA-Free Natural Rubber Baby Pacifier  2-Pack is safe, apparently beloved by babies everywhere (even babies that won’t use other pacifiers), and has really good color choices.

Reviewers note that their babies who would not accept other pacifiers, loved this binky!

A high quality product made in Denmark and available through Amazon Prime so there’s no reason not to go for it 🙂

And by the way, if you get this stylish pacifier you’re going to want a beautiful, natural, timeless paci clip, right?

Pacifier Clip and Teether in One

Modern Trendy Teething Beads Pacifier Clip Natural Baby GiftThis Pacifier Clip – 2 in 1 – Modern and Trendy – Teething Silicone Beads with Unique Shapes is not only beautiful but the beads are food grade silicon so they are perfect for your baby to mouth and chew and play with it with no BPA, Lead, or Phthalates.

This makes a great baby shower gift because it attaches to any pacifier and you can attach it to teethers, too! Plus there are color options.

With two color choices, this binky clip is more aesthetic and hygienic than cloth or cotton strap pacifier leashes.

So for keeping the pacifier from getting lost and dirty, this is definitely a practical buy and a trendy style that can clip to baby’s clothes, carseat straps, stroller, etc. It can also attach to most other natural baby gifts on this list!

There we have the 7 best natural baby gifts, toys and baby accessories that make great gifts for your baby or your pregnant co-worker:


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