What do you love about wrapping your baby?

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Wrapped Baby and Big Sister

“I’m mom of a 22 month old and a 5 week old. I only wrap my 5 week old. What I love about wrapping is that i can keep my baby so close in an extremely comfortable and natural way. Not only does it keep baby close and free my hands, but it also keeps my baby feeling calm and secure and soothes him when he’s upset.” ~Jacqueline

Wrapping Soothes Temper Tantrums

“When I wrap my toddler (or wear her in an SSC), her temper tantrums diffuse because she’s instantly comforted. It’s priceless–both for our sanity and our bond.” ~Katherine

Wrapped baby getting kissed.

“One of my twins, Annie, 3 years ago. This was my 30th birthday, she was 7 weeks old, and this is the wrap that got her back to the NICU every day to visit her twin sister once Annie was discharged <3” ~Jamie

One twin wrapped on mom for cuddles.

“Everything! The cuddles, the comfort not just it’s comfortable but they are comforted by it, the close enough to kiss, the wrap naps, the wrappy happy when they wave to everyone walking past… I also love the wraps, the blends, thicknesses, the lengths and what you can do… The feeling of achievement when you nail that carry. #ilovebabywearing” ~Zoe

Twins wrapped in Wrapsody Breeze with scarf

“Breastfeeding two at a time. I’m no longer shackled to a chair; I can do things with my other 3 kids (6,6,&1) when my 3 month old twins need to eat.” -anonymous mommy to 5

Toddler wrapped on mom's back.

“I love being able to easily calm my toddler(20 months) down when he’s tired and cranky; he loves his wrap naps. Also, being able to keep him safe and secure while we are out and about, especially in crowded areas. He is often easily overwhelmed and putting him up in the wrap allows him to people watch and still feel safe.” ~Concha

Wrapped up as newborn and bigger baby.

“My husband is from South Africa, he is Zulu and family of course tie babies to the back using a towel or cloth. unfortunately all his family live in SA so there was no way of teaching me this way (plus they usually wait till baby is a little bigger) but what i did know from seeing this style of carrying is that baby’s back naturally has that curve and the hips/legs are supported up never dangling, and the weight is distributed across baby’s bottom. So i always made sure the wrap was pulled across sort of bum to knee each side, so im very thankful now that i went with my instincts and didn’t try anything else. I did eventually get my SA back tie lesson when we made it out for our 1st visit when my son was just over a year old, but family really liked the woven wrap and thought it was great (and actually with my body structure the long woven wrap is best for me and baby I think). Family were really touched though by me embracing baby carrying as it has such a cultural significates. It really ment/means a lot to my husband, so again I really have you thank again for being a resource in helping me achieve that and continuing to do so.” ~Janet-Marie


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