Natibaby Notes & the Babywearing Orchestra

12th May, 2016 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 2 Comments

Nati Notes: the Ode to Joy Wrap

We are a music-loving family, and that’s why we wanted to make this wrap that looks like sheet music.  There was nothing else like it at the time.  But it couldn’t just be a nod towards music, it was for real musicians, so it had to be REAL music.  Natibaby Notes is woven sheet music to Ode to Joy, the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony, and a piece that most musicians have played.

In 2014 I got to work with some of the musical parents in the Tampa Bay Babywearing and Lakeland Babywearing Groups and with amazing director John Roquemore and his crew to film this short performance of Ode to Joy with their babies in the Ode to Joy wrap:

 History of Nati Notes, the Ode to Joy wrap:

May 2013 – Original Nati Notes (black with white music), all cotton:Original Black Ode to Joy wrap

May 2013 – Black/Pink Nati Notes, linen blend:Black/Pink Linen Ode to Joy Wrap

September 2013 – Indigo/White Nati Notes, hemp blend:Indigo White Ode to Joy Wrap

September 2013 – Indigo/Heather Nati Notes, linen blend:Indigo Heather Ode to Joy Wrap

October 2013 – Marine Notes with white music, hemp blend:Marine Ode to Joy Wrap

February 2014 – White Nati Notes with black/gray music, hemp or linen blend:Black on White Nati Notes

December 2014 – Red Nati Notes with black & white music, linen or wool blend:Red 3 color Ode to Joy Wrap

April 2015 – Rainbow Nati Notes with white music, hemp blend:Rainbow Ode to Joy Wrap

Hemp Nati Note Review

I came across this review: Marine Notes Natibaby review from Wrapped in Reality

Available Nati Notes
    Nati Notes Rainbow
    Rockabilly Red Nati Notes


    As of this time (May 2016) I have Red Notes and Rainbow Notes in stock.  I think I may run one of the early colors with the next weaving.  Black/white or black/pink, maybe?  Or something brand new?  You can comment below with your color request and sign up here to be notified when more Notes wraps are available in any color.

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    • Pamela Fisher November 10, 2017 at 4:39 am

      Hey there do you know where I can purchase a semi structured carrier from birth that has musical notes or anything music related?? im in Australia and can’t seem to find anything, thanks


      • DianaR November 12, 2017 at 10:18 pm

        Hi, Pamela – right now I can get you a Nati Notes classic (black/white) Soft Structured Carrier from Natibaby. It is not for use from birth, however. I don’t know of one that starts at birth that has the music notes currently. I’m sorry! Can I talk you into a woven wrap, though? They are so cuddly and supportive and newborn-perfect! I will help you learn to use it and hold your hand 🙂 If you are interested in the Notes, you can find them listed under Natibaby (shop wraps menu above) or here is the link:


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