Wiggleproof Back Carry in a VERY Short Wrap

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This Short Back Carry is Great for Winter

This is a variation of a Half Jordans Back Carry that is more supportive and less shoulder-heavy. That means your baby (or toddler) feels lighter.

What is Half Jordans Back Carry (HJBC)?

Let’s start with a full Jordan’s Back Carry. JBC is a 3 layer back carry with Rucksack straps (backpack style shoulder straps).

Because of the 3 layers – each a different kind of pass – this is not a beginner carry and I teach JBC in one of 5 masterclasses in the Senior Wrap Journeyman section of my exclusive membership Woven Wrap Guild with other 3 layer back carries.

Jordans Back Carry (JBC) is made up of 1 sling pass, 1 cross pass and 1 horizontal pass.

The 3 different passes are what makes it a good wiggleproof carry. The sling pass prevents leaning away. The cross pass prevents leg straightening and seat popping. The horizontal pass adds an extra layer of support for comfort.

Half Jordan’s Back Carry is made up of 1 sling pass and 1 cross pass, without the horizontal pass and can be done with a very short wrap. HJBC is still wiggleproof since the sling and cross passes contain leaners and leg straighteners.

It’s not quite as supportive with only 2 layers instead of 3, but it is a lighter (cooler) and faster carry since it is fewer layers done with a short wrap.

What is Half Jordans Shoulder to Shoulder (HJS2S)?

Half Jordan’s Shoulder to Shoulder (HJS2S) is a variation of Half Jordan’s Back Carry since it has the same combination of 1 sling pass and 1 cross pass.

What makes it different – and arguably better – is that instead of the rucksack straps of Jordans and Half Jordans, this variation has a shoulder-to-shoulder chestpass that distributes weight across your chest and takes weight off the shoulder straps.

This is a comfy and wiggleproof carry that can be done with any age child, with a very short wrap, which can be done quickly and is easy to keep off the ground. Yup, it’s a unicorn. I think you’re going to love it:

In the video I’m using a size 2 Girasol Barefoot Rainbow wrap, which is easy to use for this carry because Girasol wraps are thin and floppy (easy to manipulate and tighten) and the rainbow stripes help you keep the wrap untwisted and helps keep track of which sections of the wrap need tightening and adjusting.

Many people will be able to do this carry with a size 2 wrap but anyone should be able to do it with Base -4. That means 4 sizes smaller than your base size (or full length) wrap size.

Here’s an illustrated look at how to do the knotless tucks correctly so you can practice (start by practicing without baby, with the wrap just around your own torso):

I borrowed this image from a Guide that I created exclusively for my Woven Wrap Guild members and if you like very clear step-by-step directions, you belong with us in Wrap Guild 😉

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