My Baby Hates the Baby Carrier

28th September, 2022 / Baby Wrap Tips / 4 Comments

When Your Baby Hates the Baby Carrier

So your baby hates the baby carrier but likes to be held in your arms?

You are not alone.

Rest assured that if your baby likes to be held, your baby CAN love being held in a baby carrier, too.

And it may not take much to go from hating to loving the baby carrier!

Most babies want to be held, and being held is so good for babies’ emotional well-being and physical & mental development. So what is up with all the baby carrier protest?!?

The short answer is that SOMETHING about being in the carrier is uncomfortable or disconcerting to your baby.

But I have good news: many of the most common problems babies have with carriers can be resolved very easily.

The trick is figuring out which thing it is that’s rubbing your baby wrong (sometimes quite literally).

To make that easy on you, I’m collecting here my series of short videos to help you narrow in on what your baby is complaining about:

  1. baby carrier is too loose and baby doesn’t feel secure
  2. baby feels too restrained/swaddled or is too warm
  3. baby hates the process of being wrapped but is fine once you’re done
  4. baby prefers a different position or wants a view (try a back carry)
  5. baby prefers being high on your shoulder
  6. baby prefers a hip carry or sideways seated

Some of these tips can be used with any baby carrier, but some of them can only be done with a woven wrap, like the different positions some babies prefer.

If your baby hates the baby carrier #1:

If your baby hates babywearing #2:

If your baby hates being wrapped #3:

My baby hates being worn #4 (find the position your baby likes):

My baby hates the baby being in the baby carrier #5:

My baby hates the baby wrap #6:

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