Jordans Back Carry Variation with a Woven Wrap

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Jordan’s Back Carry (JBC) is a 3 layer, wiggleproof, back carry with rucksack straps that ties at the waist.

The 3 layers are: sling pass, cross pass, torso pass (also called horizontal pass).

That’s a great combination because the sling pass prevents leaning while the cross pass prevents seat popping. The torso pass provides a 3rd layer of support for a heavy baby or toddler.

Because of that pass combination, Jordan’s Back Carry is a great “wiggleproof carry” for wiggly babies and toddlers.

Usually JBC starts with a sling pass, followed by a cross pass, and then the torso pass.

But you know that with a woven wrap you always have tons of options and ways to customize your carry!

So here I’m showing you a variation where you start with the cross pass at the beginning, then sling and then torso pass:

Leave a comment below if you plan to try this one!

But here’s another idea. You can do essentially the same carry, but add a comfortable chestpass to your Jordan’s Back Carry which would look like this:

So once again, out of different wrapping elements . . . different kinds of passes in the order that works best for you, one kind of chestpass, one kind of shoulder straps . . . you can construct the carry that will work best for you.

And maybe this will be the one for you in the stage you and your baby or toddler are in right now 🙂

Let me know your current favorite carry!

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