Ellevill Jordan's Back Carry (EJBC)

    Ellevill Jordans Back Carry or Ellevill’s JBC can be done with your base size  minus 1

    Ellevill Jordan’s Back Carry (EJBC) with a Toddler
    starting with wrap centered on your child


    Ellevill Jordans Back Carry
    step by step photo tutorial with wrap off-center

      EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 1Step 1.  Put the wrap on baby’s back with one short end and one long end.
      EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 2 Step 2.  Put baby on your back with the wrap.
        EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 3Step 3.  Bring the short end of the wrap over your shoulder and the long end underneath.
        EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 4Step 4.  Bring the long wrap end under baby’s leg and around your waist in the front to create a bunched waist belt.
          EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 5Step 5.  Continue bringing the wrap around to the back under your baby’s first leg and then spread up across baby with the bottom edge of the wrap spread from knee to knee.
          EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 6Step 6. Bring the wrap over your opposite shoulder so baby is supported in two cross passes.
            EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 7Step 7.  Bring the same (long) wrap end straight down under your arm to create a rucksack strap.
            EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 8Step 8.  Spread the wrap straight across baby’s back in a horizontal pass with the bottom edge coming from knee to knee helping to form the seat under baby.
              EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 9Step 9.  Bring the wrap under your arm (do not tuck under baby’s leg).
              EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 10Step 10. Tie the two wrap ends in a knot at your shoulder.

                EJBC Photo Tutorial, step 11Step 11. Tying a slip knot is optional and allows for easy tightening of the carry.
                EJBC Photo Tutorial, back viewBack View of the Finished Ellevill JBC

                Baby’s arms can be tucked inside or left out of the wrap – arms and shoulders in is perfect for a young baby or a baby needing head support.

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