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Woven Wraps - best baby carrier for moms with babies

"I just wanted to say thank you! I learned how to carry my baby through your videos and it has changed my life. Not only is my baby happier in the day and sleeping better at night, it saved me from my postpartum depression. I got my life back – and even better! Words can not express…” –Sophia, carrying a two year old and four month old in San Diego        READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

Didymos Wraps Now Available at Wrap Your Baby Store

photo credit: Sara McConnell

My name is Diana.  I've been wrapping up my babies since my first was about 4 months old (8 years ago).  I had a Snugli, and a Ring Sling but I never really got them to work great.  Then I ordered my first wrap, an EllaRoo Mary, and it was love.  I poured over the tutorials while I waited for my wrap to arrive, and when it did, I was able to get my baby girl into a tight, comfy, sleepy carry right away.  I've never looked back.

Wrap Your Baby family photo

Wrapping made mothering so much nicer for me, that I got really passionate and wanted to share.  I started teaching it locally, printing my own business cards, with my husband to photograph my tutorials on weekends.  In fact, many of the photo tutorials you find along the left menu on my site are the ones he or my mother photographed with me and Ada so many years ago.  And my mother built a website for me.  I am very grateful for the loving support of my family in helping me build what was for many years, a passion, but not an income!

And then, in 2011, when we decided to sell our house and travel around the country in an RV, we left my husband's job behind and began to sell wraps more intensively, as a business that can support our family of five.

I'm still most passionate about teaching wrapping.  I offer all my tutorials and videos to anyone, and I'm always happy to meet a mom at a park for a one on one session.  I also feel very strongly about local babywearing help you can read about HOW I SUPPORT BABYWEARING IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

For those who are not close enough to a group to try out various wraps, I provide as much info as I can via the internet including my GUIDE TO CHOOSING A WOVEN WRAP and help CHOOSING THE RIGHT WRAP SIZE. I am very proud to be,not just another baby carrier store, but a valuable and comprehensive resource for wrapping up babies in woven wraps, that offers quality baby wraps for sale as another service to parents.

I must admit that I am thrilled to be able to support my family selling something I am so excited about, and every sale is important and appreciated by my family. 

I only sell wraps that are very dependable and comfortable, from companies with ethical practices.  I will ship a wrap anywhere in the US for free, and I include an instructional wrap DVD with every wrap, as well as some babywearing info cards.

With two toddlers, you know that I am not just the owner, I am also a babywearer who wraps up her own children every single day.  Happy Wrapping!