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Pediatric Babywearing

Mandy is a pediatric nurse.  She doesn’t work in NICU so hadn’t had experience before with a baby going through withdrawal, but as a babywearing mother, when she found herself responsible for a distraught baby, she knew what she could offer him for comfort!  When she shared this in our local babywearing group, I felt [...]

Baby Wrapping Perk #218: cup holder


Babywearing: Beneficial or the Biological Norm?

Yesterday the Canadian Babywearing School posted this Facebook status update: Do you know that there are NO benefits to babywearing? It’s the biological norm and being carried and kept close is the minimum babies expect at birth. When we use language like “benefits”, we establish babywearing as a nice extra (like a university fund or [...]

Fitness and Community with Babywearing Ballet

Wrapping moms know that life can carry on (pun intended) with baby in tow and that the experiences had in a wrap enrich baby’s physical and cognitive growth far more than sitting on the sidelines. Wrapping your baby is a great way to keep both mother and baby in fine physical fettle and any gentle [...]

Babywearing, older siblings, and Christmas cookies!

The best wrapping times involve baby in family traditions while freeing up enough of mama’s attention for the other children to get full mileage out of all the holiday fun! So without further ado . . . Tips: Don’t get over-ambitious; make the dough in advance, cut and bake the cookies with kids one day [...]

I don’t want to spoil my baby!

If you carry your baby frequently in a comfortable baby carrier, won’t she get spoiled and want to be held all the time? Well, some babies come already wired to scream whenever they’re put down and it doesn’t take spoiling to make them that way. Some babies are generally pretty chill.  They dig being carried, [...]

I Have Carried You Always

I have carried you, always. Before you were conceived, I carried a part of you in my soul. When I met your father, I looked into his eyes and saw the other part of you, and knew you, and prayed that you would come to be. Before you were born, I carried you in my [...]

Babywearing Yoga

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are thin and breathable so they make excellent wraps for active families with babies.  That’s why, to celebrate Wrapsody’s 10th anniversary, Wrap Your Baby hosted a babywearing yoga class at a local yoga studio and also a babywearing ballet class (more about that in a blog post coming soon). Some yoga moms [...]

Not Another Mile: What I learned about strength and motherhood when I had less to prove and more to do

Guest Post by Jessica Schaefer Three months postpartum with my first child, I realized I could not even touch my toes anymore. I had always prided myself on this ability – and I could touch my toes right up till the last month of my pregnancy. So what was up? If this was the post-pregnancy [...]

Using a Wrap for Labor and Birth

I celebrated my birthday this week, and it seemed appropriate to address birth–as related to wraps, of course–in a blog post.  Woven wraps have been used in many ways by many cultures, and in addition to babywearing, a simple piece of cloth can be used to help a pregnant or laboring woman in several ways. [...]