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The Knotless Tibetan finish pulls pressure off your rucksack straps and adds support for your baby or toddler due to the chest pass.

Because there is no waist pass, the Rucksack tied Tibetan or Knotless Tibetan is comfortable for pregnant babywearing and avoids an unflattering muffin top on any mom.

Those who do not like the Ruck straps or waist tie of a simple Rucksack will find the Knotless Tibetan Finish the perfect solution!

You can also tie Tibetan with a knot – scroll to the bottom for that variation 🙂

Knotless Tibetan Carry
step by step photo tutorial

    Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 1First do a simple Rucksack Carry:

    Step 1. Get baby or toddler on your back. Toddlers can stand on a bench or short wall and climb on your back. Especially nice for pregnant moms!

    Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 2 Step 2. Spread the center of the wrap over baby or toddler’s back.

      Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 3Step 3. Keeping a hand on baby, pull the bottom rail (edge) of the wrap up to hike baby or toddler’s knees up.

      Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 4Step 4. Gather wrap ends up over your shoulders.

        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 5Step 5. Put one wrap end between your knees to secure it.
        Take the other end as it comes over your shoulder and bring it straight down under the same arm.

        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 6Step 6. Bring the bunched wrap over baby’s first knee, and under baby’s far knee.

        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 7Step 7. Place the wrap tail between your knees to hold it tight. Then take the wrap end coming over your other shoulder.
        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 8Step 8. As you did with the first end of the wrap, bring the wrap down under your arm (same arm it came over) and cross the wrap end behind your back over baby’s first leg and under the second leg.
        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 9Now both wrap ends come around your sides under baby’s legs. For Rucksack Carry, tie a double knot at the waist and you are done!

        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 9Knotless Tibetan Finish:
        Step 9.
        Put one end between your knees. Take the other end across your chest, over the opposite arm strap and tuck the wrap end under it.
        Toddler Rucksack Tied Tibetan Finish step 10Step 10. The wrap end should go over and around the shoulder strap, then come down and under the pass crossed on your chest as in the picture.
        Toddler Rucksack with Knotless Tibetan Finish step 11Step 11. Do the same with the 2nd wrap end, taking it across your chest and over the opposite shoulder strap. Pull the wrap under and through.
        Toddler Rucksack with Knotless Tibetan Finish step 12Knotless Tibetan, Front View
        Toddler Rucksack Tibetan Carry Back ViewRucksack Tied Tibetan, Back View

      Pregnant Rucksack Tied Knotless Tibetan FinishThis Girasol Rainbow Love wrap is one of my most popular exclusives.

      Wrapping Basics for Rucksack Variations including:

      • Rucksack Carry
      • Rucksack Tied Tibetan (video below)
      • Knotless Tibetan Carry

      The top rail (edge) of the wrap should come up over baby’s shoulders to the neck as pictured. Or, if baby or toddler prefers arms out, the top edge of the wrap comes up to baby or toddler’s armpits.

      The bottom rail (edge) of the wrap should extend well under baby’s bottom to pull baby’s knees upward. The most comfortable and secure positioning will have baby’s knees higher than baby’s bottom. Baby’s lower legs should be free to swing.

      The bunched straps coming under your arms will go over and lay on top of the wrap that holds your baby’s knees up.

      Many parents find the most comfortable rucksack carry has baby or toddler’s shoulders level with your own. However, if you find a lower rucksack carry comfortable, there is nothing wrong with that!

      The important thing is that the slack is tightened out of the wrap before tying so that it holds baby snugly against your back with no gap and no room to sag or lean.

      Tibetan Carry

      An alternative to the Knotless Tibetan Finish is the original Tibetan Finish with a knot at the chest. It’s very similar to the above tutorial but the crossed straps in front go under rather than over the shoulder straps. This way they go under from the inside to the outside, then come together and tie in a knot between the two straps.

        Rucksack With Tibetan Finish Step 1
        Rucksack with Tibetan Finish Step 2

        Rucksack with Tibetan Finish Step 3
        Tibetan Rucksack Carry with Girasol Sherwood Woven wrap

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      And a video is worth a thousand words (at least) so here’s a Rucksack Tied Tibetan video tutorial from a wrapping dad:

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