A Night of Babywearing


Last night Barefoot Birth hosted a Night of Babywearing at the Labor of Love birth center in Lakeland, Florida.  I was late, and missed the other carriers being played with, but I brought my big basket of wraps for everyone to play with and Annabelle helped me show the people what we do with them.

It’s always tough to decide which carries to demonstrate as the wrap can be used in hundred of ways, and every mother-baby dyad has their own favorite that works best for them. So I try to pick the ones that are likeliest to work best and come easiest for the most people.

I picked the Front Cross Carry, because it’s easy to pretie and pop baby in and out of, and it’s easy to adjust for nursing.  That made the FCC my favorite newborn carry (and this was a largely pregnant crowd), and it’s still my favorite now that she’s five months old.  The Front Wrap Cross Carry can be easier for a newbie to get snug and tight, but the two advantages I mention to the FCC make it worth practicing a few times until it’s perfect.

Annabelle was desperately hungry, so we demonstrated nursing, and while she nursed we talked about leg positioning, and safe babywearing to ensure your baby can breath.  One of the benefits of babywearing is that your baby is never left unsupervised!

For a back carry, I chose the Rucksack Carry because it’s easy to understand and remember.  Then someone asked for my favorite carry and I demonstrated the Double Hammock Back Carry.   I love the Double Hammock!

Annabelle took a bathroom break and when we came back, we were pressed for a quick explanation about elimination communication, and Belle got a round of applause from the admiring folks.  As an EC’ing parent, it’s always difficult to decide whether to reveal that all babies are able to communicate their elimination needs, or to just accept it when people attribute advanced skills to my baby . . . “Yes, it’s true, she is a genius, a prodigy, and NASA is already working to secure her cooperation for some advanced research projects . . . ”

Then the mommas got to play with the wraps–it’s the best part!





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