Are Wraps Hotter Than Other Baby Carriers?

24th February, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

The hottest thing about baby wearing is your baby.  Just as your pregnant belly warmed you up throughout your pregnancy, your little heater–now outside your body–will raise the temperature several degrees anytime his or her body is pressed against you.

Baby carriers that are open on the sides will, naturally enough, allow more air flow and many people think they feel a little cooler.  However, those people may not be using the wrap’s versatility to its best advantage here: not many carriers allow you to customize your carry to the weather, but a wraparound baby carrier can!

Use carries with fewer layers like a Rucksack or Kangaroo Carry, which has only one layer across baby, and only rusksack straps or a cross on the wearer’s back. A Front Wrap Cross Carry can be modified to have essentially one layer, by pulling the crosses so that they are bunched up along baby’s sides instead of spread across baby’s back as shown here:

Front Wrap Cross Carry with crosses bunched in Summer.

Use a carry that does not wrap around your waist like an Abbreviated Front Wrap Cross Carry (pictured below), Poppins Hip Carry (short version),  Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack (back carry), or a Rucksack Back Carry tied under baby’s bottom in the back.

Dad wearing baby in an abbreviated front wrap cross carry for Summer.

When using a back carry that crosses in the front, try rucksack straps instead for a cooler variation.  When your back carry ties around the waist, try tying Tibetan style for a cooler feel.

With other kinds of baby carriers, the fabric is as thick as it is, and you cannot make it thinner by using fewer layers.  Padded straps are comfy, but cannot be spread thinly hot weather.  And waist straps on other carriers cannot be removed when Summer comes…

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