Awake in the Wrap

2nd February, 2010 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / 1 Comment

My baby is five weeks old and yesterday she stayed awake in the wrap while I did some grocery shopping.

Annabelle is almost always sleeping or nursing in the wrap.  I think this is a sign that she’s growing up.  She was awake and alert and I really enjoyed it!

Until now I’ve mostly had her wrapped low on my torso for easy access for breastfeeding.  There was almost no point tightening her back up after nursing because she’d likely start rooting around for the breast again and need to be lowered.  With such a little baby, wearing her low was not uncomfortable.

I think I’m going to start wrapping her high on my chest where she should be now, which is much nicer really: more cuddly and more comfortable overall.

Luckily I find that I don’t regret my babies’ growing up because they are so much fun as they grow up!

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