Baby Wrap and Older Siblings

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Wearing Baby on Back and Holding Toddler

Baby in a Rucksack Carry and Big Brother In Arms


How will wearing your baby affect the little guy’s (or girl’s) relationship with older siblings?

Wearing your baby is likely to minimize sibling rivalry because it makes you, the mommy (or daddy), more available for your toddler or older child.  You can still tie shoes, turn the pages of books. prepare snacks, and life kiddo onto the potty seat.

A wrap helps you to better see to everyone’s needs: baby’s needs to be close, older brother or sister’s needs for help and attention.  And it will make your life easier, which means you will be less likely to snap, cry, or otherwise turn into an emotional mess in front of your kids.

It will also help you keep your kids safe: wrap up baby and hold brother’s hand in the parking lot, at the zoo, or while balancing at the playground.

What’s more, cozy in the baby wrap is a safe place for baby to stay while big brother or sister is getting to know how to interact.  The less you warn your older child to “be careful” and the less you deny him access to his baby sibling, the more loving he will be towards “his baby.”  By keeping baby in a wrap, you minimize the amount of danger he is in from an over-exuberant sibling, and you can take him out at times when you are prepared for close supervision and sibling hugs.

Big Sister Hugging Baby in Woven Wrap

A safe place for some sisterly attention...


Older siblings love wrapping up their dolls, too.  There are child wraps available, but you can easily use a scarf for play-wrapping.  And what a lovely practice to model for your little ones.  What a benefit to your one-day grandchildren!  See pictures of children wearing dolls on this beautiful page.

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