How is a Wrapped Baby Like a Paper Flower?

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Sweet and Happy with Baby Wrap Origami

Why do people love wrapping so much?

If you are new to wrapping (or when you were new to wrapping), did you ever wonder why so many people love wrapping SO much?

Connection between you and your baby is absolutely the most important thing that wrapping facilitates.

Yet many parents are nervous about wraps specifically, choosing other baby carriers instead.  These parents don’t become enthusiastic about woven wraps until the second, third, or fourth baby.  Then, once they do get into wrapping, they rarely go back. What is it about wraps that lure babywearers away from other kinds of baby carriers? Many baby carrier styles will foster a close connection with baby.

The obvious answer is the comfort you get from a custom baby carrier (because every wrap job is a custom wrap job to fit your body, and your baby’s, perfectly).

But that doesn’t explain why wrap challenges are so popular.  Nor why so much excitement is generated by each new variation or fancy finish, or why wrappers tend to be the loudest and share the most.

I believe the answer is related to the therapeutic benefits of origami – the ancient Chinese art of paper folding.  Origami has been shown to help those with anxiety, autism, low self esteem, and depression.

Baby Wrap Origami

Like working with paper, working with fabric is rewarding beyond the practical function it serves.  It is the work of wrapping, the effort of learning, and the challenge of improvement that make wrapping more fun and addictive than other kinds of baby carriers.  Wrapping is something useful and wonderful that can be embraced and enjoyed in tandem with your baby.  It is a hobby you absolutely do not need a babysitter to pursue.  There is a meditative peace to be gained from concentrating on the job each layer of fabric accomplishes.  And there is confidence to be gained as your competence increases. That confidence often extends to how you see yourself as a parent, making you a more confident and less worried parent.

Wrappers are not just excited to get wrapped because of the sweet baby smell and contact.  They’re not just eager to show off a pretty carrier with the hottest print. They are excited at each opportunity to wrap and beat their personal best wrap job; excited by the challenge of attempting a brand new carry for the first time.

When wrappers share their photos, it’s not just because baby and baby carrier are cute.  It’s to celebrate a personal victory. It’s to share “I did it!” with the community that encouraged them and challenged them and is now ready to cheer for them.

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