Baby Wrapping Community and Like Minded Moms

30th January, 2020 / Baby Wrap Benefits / No Comments
Baby Wrapping Community so you can find your like minded mom friends

So you’re a wrapping mom and you LOVE the convenience of ditching the stroller and going hands free.

Whether it’s shopping or making dinner, going for walks or running your business, having your baby wrapped up next to your heart lets you get on with life!

Sometimes other moms don’t get it. They can’t see how much of a difference wrapping makes, or maybe they have different ideas about how close to keep baby and how to respond to your baby.

Even when you’re confident and satisfied with your parenting style, it can be lonely to be the only one you know who parents the way you do. It makes connecting with other moms difficult. It keeps friendships from getting very deep.

I understand why you want to find like minded moms. And I know where you can find them.

My Facebook community Wrap Club is for talking about wrapping babies. Asking for help, trying out new carries, engaging in challenges and making suggestions for others if you have skills to share.

Joining this baby wrapping community is a way to connect with like minded families and make some friends that can understand your parenting.

Join Wrap Club: Wrap Your Baby Love for baby wrapping community.

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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