Baby Wraps and Shoulder Pain or Scoliosis

4th September, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

A Mama on the Facebook Page asked for advice from moms who use woven wraps with back or shoulder pain.  The answers she got were not uniform.  Different things worked for different moms, which is one reason why woven wraps shine as a babycarrier for a parent with a physical condition to consider.  Your back, spine, bones and muscles are not the same as anyone else’s, so customize the carrier to make YOU comfortable!

One mama related that it was how high or low she carried her now-two-year-old that affected her back pain and shoulder issues.  Kangaroo and Front Cross Carry worked for front carries when he was little, and now she is using a Rucksack back carry but Double Hammock was out for her.

Another mama with 7 ruptured discs and a torn rotator cuff likes a Reinforced Rucksack because it doesn’t hurt her back, and she ties it Tibetan style to take pressure off her shoulders.  Her son is almost 2 years old now, and 25 lbs.

A mom with a bad back and a separated shoulder that healed badly in college claims long woven wraps as her favorite carriers by far.  Not for her are rucksack straps, so she modifies a carry when need be to use straps that are more comfortable and she is still wearing her 2 and 4 year old.  She likes two-shouldered back carries for even weight distribution.

One mom has multiple subluxations in her neck, was born with stage 1 spina bifida (which has since closed on its own) and lordosis.  For her it is the fabric of the wrap more than the choice of carry that makes a different to her comfort.  She gets the support she needs from linen, hemp, and dense cotton weaves which she says also offer better weight distribution than thinner or looser weaves.  Double Hammock and Reinforced Rucksack tied Tibetan style are her back carries of choice.  She says a Front Wrap Cross Carry is the only front carry that works for her for more than a few minutes.

Advice to avoid Rucksack straps or Tie Tibetan was common on the thread.  Remember that with a woven wrap, you can customize a carry to fit your needs by changing the how you position the straps in the carry of your choice.

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