A customer asked about babywearing and dancing.  She had seen a video once of someone flamenco dancing with a baby on her back.  Could she continue her traditional dances with baby wrapped up?  So I asked around and I am in love with all the babywearing dancing I turned up.

Firstly, thanks to some help from the gals on the facebook page, we found the Flamenco Dancer.  Love it!

And what else do I love?  Bunches of coreographed babywearers!  Especially dancing swing!

Or their own Boston Babywearing version of Wheels on the Bus:

And what about expressing your love of babywearing with a music video:

When I asked the Facebook community, several people told me they dance in their livingrooms with their babies.  Many prefer baby wrapped on the front so they are like a dance partner or can be cuddled while danced around.  And their babies love it!

And then I googled “babywearing dance” and found out that lots of places and groups are offering babywearing dance classes.  My heart swells at the thought of all the fun being had dancing and babywearing!  Do you?

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