Try Babywearing with a Bedsheet!

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You don’t have to own a wrap to try out wrapping your baby because you can try babywearing with a bedsheet.

If you want to try it before you invest in a wrap, here’s how you can do that using a regular old sheet that you already own.

Don’t just watch this – TRY IT! And comment to tell me how it went because I’m super excited to know 🙂

Most woven wraps are much longer (and not nearly as wide) so you’ll be able to use it in a lot more ways.

Using a bed sheet as a baby wrap means choosing a short carry. But hey, short carries rock!

Emergency Babywearing with a Bedsheet

Wrapping with a bedsheet is not only great for trying out babywearing but is also a great emergency skill to have on hand.

In case of emergency you can use your wrapping skills to use whatever you have on hand as a baby carrier to keep your baby safe on you and free up your hands for other children, carrying supplies or doing whatever you need to in order to get you and your loved ones safe.

Try out Wrapping Before You Get a Woven Wrap

So this is a great exercise for trying out babywearing before you get a baby carrier because I’m going to show you how to position and support your baby comfortably, how to swing the wrap sheet around your back, and how to tie when it’s too short for the usual carry.

In the video I’m also showing you how to tighten it because if you don’t do that, no baby wrap will be comfortable (and it might not be safe).

So these are real skills for a real test of whether your baby will like being in a baby carrier.

I made this video to be something ANYONE with a baby can try. You’ve got a sheet, right?

Torso Carry with a Woven Wrap

If you already have a woven wrap (not a stretchy wrap, as they aren’t made for this), then you can do a lot of variations on this Torso Carry and here’s one:

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