Babywearing is a Tool

15th June, 2010 / Baby Wrap Benefits / 1 Comment


The end is a happy, thriving child; a relaxed, loving mama; and a strong bond between them.  The means is the baby wrap.

Wrapping made mothering less stressful and more fun.  Let’s face it, this society isn’t exactly tailor made for women with children.  Sometimes it’s a pain to function with children in this society.  Wrapping made it easier.

I love wrapping, and I love helping other moms and babies get wrapped up together.  But lets be clear here, not wearing your baby is not a problem for me.  If you think I looked at you askance when you said you didn’t want to wear your baby, it’s likely because I was trying (and failing) to imagine how that would work.  I wasn’t passing judgment, just hoping it worked out!

When I promote babywearing, I am doing it because it can help moms.  I believe we all want to keep our babies happy.  This is the best and easiest way I know of doing it.  So it helps babies, too, because babies are kept happier, easier.

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1 Comment

  • Dionna@CodeName:Mama June 18, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Exactly! There are many parenting practices that I don’t agree with, but that doesn’t mean I am judging the parent. We are all working with different information and different circumstances.
    I stopped by to say thank you for your comment on my guest post at Woman Uncensored. I bet cloth would be much easier for potty learning! Good point.


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