Babywearing Yoga

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Yoga Class for Wrapping Moms and Babies

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are thin and breathable so they make excellent wraps for active families with babies.  That’s why, to celebrate Wrapsody’s 10th anniversary, Wrap Your Baby hosted a babywearing yoga class at a local yoga studio and also a babywearing ballet class (more about that in a blog post coming soon).

Some yoga moms find a time when they can do yoga by themselves or without their baby.

Some moms just don’t get a chance to do yoga for several years until their babies have grown up (if ever).

This third option is for moms (or dads!) who want to include their babies or toddlers, or those who don’t get a chance to do yoga without their child, or for the not insignificant number of parents who love finding new activities to engage in with their wrapped up baby – bonus if you can do it with other wrapping friends!

Yoga Pose with Wrapped Up Babies and Toddlers

You can do yoga at home, of course.  Wrapping up your baby for yoga engages both of you and is less likely to result in your baby interrupting your brief yoga session.  She is not bored, or lonely, or needy because she is wrapped on you in this activity.

Doing Yoga with a baby using a woven wrap from Wrapsody.

Chances are good that if you have a mobile baby, that baby will want to get down at some point.  After having been wrapped up, your baby is likely to give you a chance to do a little more yoga while entertaining his or her self.  During a babywearing class, toddlers are likely to spend some time wrapped up and some time out of the wrap moving among the yoga moms and bringing a little extra charm to the activity.  Appreciate it.

Toddler at a Babywearing Yoga class.

There are many yoga poses that are gentle on you and your wrapped up baby.  Regardless of who is teaching the class, pay attention to your own body and your own baby and make sure you know how to use your wrap well so that the carry remains comfortable and safe while you go through your yoga poses.  I especially love how the baby in the orange wrap is doing the pose, too!

Yoga with babies and toddlers wrapped up.

Be present and aware of what will work for you and your baby without discomfort and fear and don’t do anything that you are not both happy with.  Take your baby’s age and development into account.

Mommy and baby yoga position.

Don’t forget your baby is involved with the yoga with you.  Make sure you are tuned into each other and are both enjoying the activity.  Go at a pace you both enjoy.  Do it wrapped up, or sitting on the floor together, or alternating with a little of each.

Relaxing Yoga Pose with Mommy and Baby

Mommy and Me Yoga Class with Babywearing

Adorable Wrapped up Baby Yoga

Babywearing Yoga with baby wrapped on front.

Don’t forget to stay tuned into your baby’s needs whether it’s a fresh diaper (never do yoga with dirty pants) or a nursing break!

Nursing Break during Babywearing Yoga Class

Two babies take a nursing break at a babywearing yoga class.

Any babywearing group meeting – including this babywearing yoga class –  is a great place to make friends!

Toddlers holding hands at a yoga class.

This is Sarah, the owner of the family-friendly Om Sweet Om Yoga Studio in Dunedin, Florida, where you can take your babies and toddlers with you to most any of her daily yoga, ballet, and Pilates classes. Can’t you just see the joy and energy in her?

Yoga Class Teacher with toddler in Wrapsody Breeze Luna Wrap.

In this picture, her toddler has come out of the wrap while she continues to teach the class.  She is using a Front Cross Carry which is an easy carry for a baby or toddler to come in or out of while the wrap remains tied around the parent ready for the next “uppie!”

Babywearing Yoga Class for wrapped up moms and babies.

Wrapped up babies and toddlers in babywearing yoga class.

Beautiful yoga class for moms and babies.

Have fun!

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  • Andrea Christopher September 20, 2014 at 12:29 am

    Hi there ~
    Loved this article! I’m a mama & baby yoga instructor and would love to teach a wrap class! Do you have any contact info for the instructor of this class you could pass on. I’d love to ask her advice on how to teach this class. Thanks so much for posting! Total inspiration!
    Walk in beauty ~ Andrea Rose


  • Sonja July 12, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    Hi, does anyone know what wrap is in the 2nd pic? It’s beautiful!!!
    (p.s. it’s also in the pic where mommy is lying down with the baby on her belly)



  • Nia December 6, 2017 at 2:28 pm

    I love this so much. I have been doing yoga for quite some time and have started doing so while wearing my son. It has been such a beautiful bonding experience.

    I was wondering if the poses that would have the baby completely turned upside down would be bad for them? Is the blood rushing to their head a bad thing if i kept my hand on his head? He is 2 months old.


    • DianaR December 7, 2017 at 11:33 am

      Sounds like fun! I don’t know of any information that being upside down is dangerous for short periods, properly supported, but I would check with your pediatrician. Sorry I don’t have the definitive answer for you on this one!


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