Back Wrap Cross Carry Video With a Twist for Comfort

1st September, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / 2 Comments

Back Wrap Cross Carry in front of the moon over Mt Mitchell North Carolina

This Back Wrap Cross Carry (BWCC) video demonstrates a twist on the original crossed-in-front version that makes it more comfortable and is a great alternative to the chest-knot version of BWCC that not everyone feels comfortable with.  Here’s the story that goes with this video:

On the top of Mount Mitchell, the highest peak in the Eastern United States, after a hike through gorgeous mossy woods and a 360 degree view of the famously blue mountains, we were back in the plateau parking lot, virtually empty in the evening.  As such, the kids were running and whirling across the pavement.  They were trying to catch sparrows and chasing pixies.  Clouds rolled over us.  We would say, “Look, there’s a cloud right over that part of the parking lot!”  and run to be inside the cloud, only to look back and find that we had already been in the cloud to begin with.  Then a breeze rose up and the cloud was gone.  The parking lot was clear, and the kids were back to the sparrows.  Annabelle insisted that one of them was, “My bird.”

Soon a magical scene transpired in the East as the full moon rose among the clouds.  We were so high up it almost seemed as though we were looking down at both the moon and the clouds.  The sky was evening blue and all of it was framed with dark green firs that looked like they would fit better, ecologically, with the landscape we remembered from Maine, rather than the lower portions of North Carolina.

So I said, “Baby, quick, make a wrap video of me in front of the moon!”

So you can see that I am always thinking of you (dear reader).

And on this occasion I was specifically thinking of Rosie Knowles and the Sheffield Slings babywearing group who inquired about how I tie a Back Wrap Cross Carry to keep the crosses from riding up into my neck uncomfortably.  A chest belt in one solution, but the knot is never quite comfortable to me, so I do it this way, twisting the straps as they come across my front to keep them in a manageable position.  I’d love to hear if anyone else has been doing it this way.  Let me know!

back wrap cross carry with twist

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