Bali Breeze Ada: the Fairy Wrap

3rd September, 2012 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 1 Comment

Bali Breeze Ada exclusive fairy wrap in package

Inspired by Ada, my 8 year old daughter, who informed us–as soon as she was old enough to do so–that she is a fairy, and who sees fairies everywhere, and shares them with us by pointing them out, or the traces of them, their fairy homes, or other telltale signs, this newest Bali Breeze wrap is a deep forest green with bright fairies batiked across the greenery in a dance of light.

Fairy wrap - Double Hammock Carry with a toddler in a baby wrap

The yellow to goldenrod hue of the fairy design is perfectly mottled to suggest shimmer and movement. This wrap does have a bottom and a top. The fairies are all oriented in the same direction so that they will either be right side up or upside down when wrapped. The bottom edge of the wrap is bordered with thick flowering foliage in the same pale yellow to deep gold. Having the border on only one edge makes it easy to make sure you are orienting the wrap correctly, and also makes it easy to keep track of your rails (the edges of the wrap) so that you know you have not twisted the wrap as it comes around your baby or behind your back. One rail is deep green, the other is flamboyantly bright with branches and blooms.

Ada Bali Breeze gauze baby wrap carrier

A delightful effect of the single border design is that when wrapped with the border on the bottom, the wrap can have an overall green appearance and then when straps cross over it, those straps can be bunched to show the gorgeous golden design that contrasts beautifully over the dark green. Alternately, one can bunch the straps to hide the yellow if a more uniformly green look is preferred.

Front Wrap Cross Carry in beautiful fairy wrap

You might also choose to wrap with the print upside down if you are wanting to show off the striking contrast of yellow leaves on green, as having that border at the top makes it much more visually evident.

Ada and I are so happy with how the wrap turned out. Green is my faerie daughter’s favorite color, and the design of the wrap perfectly captures the lighthearted magic of fairies, and sunlight, and deep woods. We didn’t know it until after we named her, and we couldn’t have known at the time that she would grow up to be so thick with the elven folk, but her very name is a Spanish word for fairy. So there was no question what to name this light and magical wrap!

Ada babywearing in her new fairy wrap

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