Beautiful Wrap Photos

1st October, 2011 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 11 Comments

I asked for photos of “where wrapping has taken you” and was flooded with beautiful pictures of happy wrapped babies 🙂

One winner was already chosen, but I promised three, and I’m having a hell of a time choosing those last two winners.  Narrowing it down has caused me an entire Saturday of agonizing, and now I seem able to narrow no narrower:

  1. Do I pick the breathtaking moment of sibling bonding in the woods?
  2. Or the mom with baby on back peeking through leaves in an orchard?
  3. I’m sorely tempted to choose the photo of a mom on hands and knees, cleaning up a mess, grinning up through mussed hair with a happily undressed baby on her back–you know, the one I can relate to most of the time!
  4. But then there’s the way wrapping brought a little Native American baby to her first powwow…

So help me out, here.  Based solely on my descriptions, which photo do you choose?

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