Birthing Goddess Wrap from Joy and Joe

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Birthing Goddess and baby's journey earthside - baby wrapOur connection to the stars is a very physical fact in that our bodies are composed of the stuff of stars–past supernovas hurtling invisible particles through space looking for purpose.  And here we are.

When do we manifest our astral heritage more deeply than during the intensity of childbirth–the most downright physical moments of our lives when our very atoms seem to be crying out to all the other atoms across time and space whether they are the women throughout history who have birthed before us or the center of a distant star busily erupting outward against the relentless press of gravity?  We have all experienced it at our own births, and some of us have been lucky enough to experience it when we gave birth to new babies born of old stardust.

This birthing goddess wrap shows the physical and metaphysical connection we have to the stars, illustrated by baby’s journey earthside and mother’s out-of-earth tranquility.  Midwives and birth workers will appreciate the symbolism and the celebration of motherhood that is depicted by this wrap.  It is perfect for preparing and relaxing a pregnant mother with traditional rebozo techniques, and is the perfect fabric to transition your baby from within your womb to in your arms.

A little bit about the manufacture of these Birthing Goddess wraps: These wraps from Joy and Joe, a UK based wrap manufacturer, are all-cotton.  They are woven with a jacquard weaving machine loom under the supervision of the onsite textile experts and Adebisi (a  babywearing consultant and director of Joy and Joe ltd) who resides very locally to the weaving house.  This modern and sophisticated loom was a perfect match to bring out the very intricate detailing in the goddess design and the mill’s extensive weaving experience since 1930 ensured that the cloth was able to be expertly engineered to Joy and Joe’s required specifications for a high quality and unique carrying cloth.

These wraps are made with organic Egyptian cotton and sustainably sourced from CottonConnect Foundation.  The weaving house is in the North of England, and all the dyers are UK based and regulated.

Availability: Birthing Goddess wraps have arrived from the UK and are now in stock in the Wrap Your Baby store, and should reach US customers with free shipping in just 3 business days after an order is placed, or international customers within 2 weeks.

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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