Car Seats Are NOT for Carrying Babies

27th May, 2010 / Baby Wrap Benefits / No Comments

“But car seats aren’t a safe way to carry babies for lengthy periods outside the car, experts say.”

This article cites these reasons why car seats are not safe:

  • babies have been injured when car seats fell off of high surfaces
  • babies have been injured when carseats turned over on soft surfaces (like a bed)
  • babies have been injured falling out of car seats when not properly buckled
  • more babies have “container syndrome” or weak muscles and flat heads due to being carried in a car seat
  • it can be difficult for babies to get enough oxygen in a car seat, according to some studies

And here are some reasons why a baby carrier is superior:

  • babies cannot be worn without being supervised so they can’t fall out when you leave the room
  • the babywearer has hands free to catch self in case of a fall, so that baby is not dropped
  • a worn baby is getting the perfect physiological workout just by being held against you
  • worn properly, a baby’s face will be clear of the baby carrier, with head supported to ensure easy breathing

The fact is, babies are designed to be held, and study after study has shown that the more they are held, the more they thrive.  Whereas studies are also finding that babies in containers are subject to the above disadvantages.

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