Cloth diaper meet-up

15th July, 2010 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments

Tuesday the Pinellas Cloth Diaper Chatter group had a meet-up at the beach.  We love cloth diapers, but for me, everything is about baby wraps!

Amy has a new Lou Neobulle in a shorter size than her other wrap and wanted to know what carries she could do with it.  She knew she had a good rucksack going for her, but what else?  We played around and discovered that she can do an abbreviated Front Wrap Cross Carry, a Short Front Cross Carry, or a hip carry.  She did a good Hip Cross Carry, and we considered some variations of the Poppins Hip Carry and Robins Hip Carry, neither of which have I managed to get instructions for up on my site yet!  Another back carry option with a shorty is the Reinforced Rear Rebozo Rucksack.

Somehow I managed not to take any pictures of all that, but I did snap one photo of Angela in her new Silver Waves Didymos–I loved it!


Silver Waves Abbreviated Front Wrap Cross Carry

Silver Waves Abbreviated Front Wrap Cross Carry

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