Colimacon et Cie – Miel et Malice Review

4th September, 2012 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 1 Comment

A lass on the Facebook page asked for a comparison between the Colimacon et Cie and an Ellaroo.  This was Savannah’s response.  Since this relatively new-on-the-market wrap doesn’t have many reviews, I asked her permission to copy it here:

I LOVE my C&C M&M. It’s been my go-to wrap this past week or so.
It was pretty stiff right out of the box, but after a wash or two (and a machine dry!) it has softened up beautifully. I fee confident treating it as a workhorse because it’s practically pull-proof and can take machine washing and drying.
M&M is a very dense weave, but it’s not unbearably thick. I think the knot is a little smaller than Didymos Aqua Waves, but it feels a tad warmer because of the weave. M&M is the widest wrap I own, too; it has at least 3 inches on the Waves.
The closest thing I can compare it to is a pair of thin, really broken in blue jeans. I’ve heard it compared to a Storch Leo, too.  I have an Ellaroo, as well, and they are two completely different animals. The Ellaroo is incredibly thin (shirt weight), where the M&M is thicker (skirt/pants weight). Ellaroo has blunt ends with fringe and has selvedge rails instead of hemmed, while M&M has a 6 inch or so taper and is hemmed with contrasting thread. They are probably about the same in terms of grippyness.

These Miel et Malice wraps come in a rainbow of vivid colors from the bold Tangerine Orange, Leaf Green, and Ripe Raspberry hues to the earthier Chocolate, Natural, and White.  I love that they are available in so many sizes–every half meter between 2.5 meter and 6 meter lengths!

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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