Colimacon et Cie Woven Wrap Review

Susan was kind enough to send her thoughts on her new Colimacon et Cie wrap.  It’s a new brand to Wrap Your Baby, and there aren’t many reviews yet, so I was very happy to receive her comprehensive review and comparison:

I just received my 3.5m Chocolate C&C wrap in the mail today! The color is beautiful! I measured it and it’s actually 3.87m long. Right out of the package it is pretty smooth and soft. I can tell it won’t need much breaking in. I’ll see what happens with the length and how much softer it gets after a machine wash and dry later today. It is for sure thinner than my brand new Storch Inka that I received almost 2 weeks ago. When I hold it up to the light I can see light through it. It is slightly thicker than my Vatanai Maruyama. I can see this being a great summer wrap for multi layer carries, but really great anytime of the year. My youngest child was sleeping so I wrapped my 6.5 year old DS in a pretty sloppy BWCC and he felt weightless (which is saying a lot since I’m 5’2″ and 24 weeks pregnant and he weighs 40lbs!). It was very easy to wrap with….easier than my new Inka. My new Inka still needs some breaking in so I find that the fabric is still pretty grippy, but this C&C wrap was very easy to wrap with even though it is brand new and I haven’t done anything to break it in.

Thank you Diana Rosenfield for deciding to stock such a wonderful and affordable wrap! I’ll report back later after I wash/dry it and maybe I’ll be able to get hubby to snap an action shot as well 🙂

And she did report back after washing and drying:

Alright, I put it through a warm wash and dried on medium heat. It went from 3.87m brand new to 3.52m after wash so it shrunk down to pretty much exactly 3.5m! It’s softer for sure and I think it’s already feeling pretty floppy! Now I’m curious how much softer it will get. I can’t wait to wrap baby #4 in this wonderful wrap!

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