Confession Time

1st March, 2011 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / 1 Comment

I’m a big promoter of babywearing while pregnant.  What a break for a pregnant mother not to have to carry that toddler in her aching arms, awkwardly on one side or the other of her baby bump!  How wonderful for a soon-to-be big brother or sister to get to cuddle with mommy in the days leading up to such a major transition.

That’s not the confession part.  The confession is that babywearing has gotten to be too much for me.  Don’t get me wrong: it’s always been and still is more comfortable than in-arms carrying.  I still toss Annabelle on my back in a quick rucksack for the walk from the car to the store…where I put her in a shopping cart.  And I still bring the wrap every time we go somewhere in case she insists on getting out of the cart, or on being picked up.  But I try to talk her out of it.

The fact is, I’m in a frail zone that was never a part of my previous pregnancies.  I attribute this weakness to the fact that my pregnancies were close together (Annabelle was 7 months when the new baby was conceived) coupled with the fact that I am still nursing.  Oh yeah, and chasing after a very adventurous one year old (day AND night).

I’m working on getting my strength back with extra attention to nutrition, supplementation, and rest.  I think I’ve just hit the point where I’m drained, but I’m confident I can be replenished.

And I hope to locate and dust off my video camera in the next month and make some pregnant wrapping videos because I think pregnant babywearing is a beautiful, valuable, comfortable thing for many pregnant mommas, and an option they should know is open to them.

I was embarrassed at first when I agreed to use the rented stroller at the zoo last week but not anymore.  That’s what I’m here to (finally) say: Babywearing is great and should be comfortable when done correctly.  But if it’s not comfortable, don’t do it, and don’t be ashamed.  Whether you’re pregnant or not, your body deserves to be treated well and you need to find where babywearing fits into your own family’s balance of caring for babies and caring for parents.  It might be a greater or lesser tool than in some other family.  And if it doesn’t make your life easier, it’s not a tool at all–more of a hairshirt.  I do not endorse hairshirts.

Most often, discomfort caused by babywearing can be fixed with practice or the help of a more experienced babywearer.  Sometimes you just need to put that baby down.  It’s a good time to play on the floor together, or cuddle with a book on the couch.  You’re still a super-mommy.  Just ask your kids.

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  • Candace Novakowski March 6, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Huge hugs to you. You are listening to your body and that is what is so important. And you will be replenished and babywearing again in no time. You are still beyond appreciated by your children <3 <3 <3


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