Fair Trade Wraps: Girasol Weavers Traditional Practices

Fair Trade Woven Wrap on the Loom

All my exclusive Girasol wraps – and all of the wraps that Girasol makes – are fair trade items and their manufacture supports amazing skilled artisans.

Here’s what Girasol says about their production with partners in Guatemala:

“GIRASOL stands for more than 30 years of experience in fair trade trade with partners in Guatemala and Mexico. This means that our relations are based on dependable terms of business. The most important part is that we pay our partners always in advance and that they can count on an assured income – also in difficult times.

“Furthermore, it is important to us that above all our partners in Guatemala where an intricate net of people is involved in the production of or wraps and carriers are able to work as independently as possible and are included in all questions regarding the production. Hence we try, for example, to do without plastic parts for the MySol as far as possible parts since these cannot be procured in Guatemala.”


Girasol wraps are great for beginners because their standard weave is soft and easy to use brand new so you don’t need to break it in before you can use it comfortably.

Girasol wraps are great for newborns and toddlers alike in their standard weave.

Girasol’s special double weft – also called double weave or toddler weave – uses twice as many weft threads (the threads running the other way through the weave of the wrap) so it is super supportive for those who want rock solid support with a heavy toddler. So this weave gives the most support for the heaviest toddlers, or even preschoolers or older special needs kids.

However I only recommend the double weft for experienced wrappers and only those with toddlers or older. The thicker wrap needs to be broken in and will end up soft, but even then it is a more advanced wrap to use for tightening, tying knots, etc. And it does not mold so easily around a small baby or newborn.

Girasol’s standard weft is plenty supportive for all normal babywearing of babies or toddlers 🙂

So you can choose a Girasol wrap for a million reasons. Knowing that it’s a fair trade item means you can know that your choice for your baby is also a good choice for the humans who make them, and Girasol’s environmental policies mean it’s a good choice for the planet, without plastic pieces, minimum packaging, and running on green electricity!


Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️

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