Girasol Sherwood video

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“I love my Sherwood. The wonderful, warm autumn colors make my heart beat faster. It was pretty soft and cuddly from the beginning. A great purchase that I will never regret!”
– Andrea


“When I first saw the wrap on Facebook I knew it had to be mine. Colours are gorgeous! This is my 6th Girasol in the stash, so it wasn’t surprise for me that it is super soft and very supportive. I bought size 6 to practice double hammock and it is just perfect for this. I believe this could be excellent choice if you want to have just one wrap, soft and semi-thin at the beginning and then great for double layer wrapping for toddlers.”
– Katarzyna


“Girasol Sherwood is a beautiful, medium thick, all cotton wrap. It is easy to fall in love with. The color gradient helps you distinguish between rails and which ever way you choose to wrap it colors combine wonderfully. It glides and tightens easy in multi-layered carries and holds well. My toddler calls it my brown wearing scarf because he knows and loves all the quick ups and snuggles he can get if I’m sporting it. It came to me already soft and didn’t need extra breaking in which is a welcome change from other brands that I’ve tried. Sherwood is just an all round delight to wrap and carry. I would definitely wholeheartedly recommend it for squish and toddlers alike.”
– Dora


“This is my third Girasol, but only my second that I bought new. I was expecting it to take a little while to break-in, but it was soft when I got it! I washed and dried and it and it is already floppy and easy to use with my baby. It feels light and airy, but secure, and so nice to snuggle into. And the colors are even prettier than the pictures.”
– Romi


“Got one of your wraps as a baby gift, and it has been a sanity saver!”


“If he was screaming, I could put him in the wrap and he would settle right down. This spring (when he was 6 months old) my husband and I were part of a 5 day wilderness survival course, and because he was nursing my son had to come along. We used the wrap all week and he did great (even on the late night scenario we ran in the woods). Everyone went from being skeptical about having a baby there to being very impressed. But it was the wrap that made the whole experience workable! My hands were free, he was secure, and he could sleep when needed. Now he is 10 months old and whenever I pull out the wrap he gets so excited and puts his arms up. Thank you for not only providing great wraps but also so many tutorials so moms new to the wrap world can wrap their babies confidently.”


“I am VERY happy with my wrap. It is even more beautiful than the pictures on your website. I am always getting compliments on it. I love how sturdy it is and how easy wrapping with it is! I have only used a Moby before this and now I am spoiled rotten! Thank you so much!”


“I’m new to wrapping my baby, so we’re practicing different methods each day. Thank you so much for your detailed instructions! My little girl is so patient with me figuring this out, and she loves it so much she cries every time I unwrap her! I feel so close to her now, because she’s never been a big cuddler, but this is something that works for both of us! I love to wrap my baby!”



“I have extensively worn my 3rd child, and I must say, it has completely changed my mothering experience in the most positive of ways! I’m so lucky to have come across your website and the wealth of information you provide on wrapping. You and your business are truly beneficial to mothers and babies. I love carrying my child this way and will miss it when he outgrows it!”


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