How You Make a Seat in a Front or Back Carry

9th August, 2020 / Uncategorized / No Comments

The way you make a seat in a back carry is essentially the same way you make a seat in a front carry. There just happen to be different techniques for doing it on your back. I’ll show you what they are:

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How to make a seat in a back carry is one of the most often asked questions about wrapping. I go over some of the simple basics in this video.

A couple of bonus tips for making a seat (particularly if you have a wiggly baby):

  • Stand up straight so your baby’s weight sinks down into the seat.
  • Keep your arm under the seat to keep your baby from popping it until you get the carry secured.

Let me know if this helps – I want to see your back carry pictures! So? Go wrap your baby!

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