Is it safe to wrap your toddler while pregnant?

8th November, 2012 / Baby Wrap Tips / No Comments


You should always talk to your care provider, but most women who are accustomed to wrapping their toddlers, can continue to do so safely throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not a good time to start a new activity that may be strenuous on your body.  But it is generally agreed that if your body is used to the sport, then it is safe to continue as long as there is no discomfort.  So if you wear your toddler every day, there is no reason to stop just because you are pregnant!

In fact, for women who will otherwise be carrying their toddlers in-arms, babywearing provides a safer option, that is easier on the pregnant body.

If your body is protesting the wrapping, stop.  Find help to care for your toddler if doing so yourself is causing stress on yourself or your growing baby.

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