Is it summer, or what?

29th June, 2011 / Baby Wrap Tips / 2 Comments

We’re crossing state borders regularly now, and so far we haven’t escaped Summer.  Most of the country is HOT right now! Mothers of babies are, perhaps, destined to be a little warmer than the rest of the population.  Like pregnant women, it is part of the package: we trade uninterrupted sleep and bodily autonomy for the joys of motherhood.

Well, growing a baby in your womb is hot work, and producing milk on demand is hot work, and holding a hot little bundle of joy is hot work.  The last thing you want is to wrap all that warmth up in a thick piece of fabric!

What to do?

My suggestions: thinner fabric, and cooler carries (less layers).  And when all else fails, how about taking your babywearing into the water?

Keep your baby’s comfort in mind, too.  Make sure neither of you are getting overheated.  If you need to, find an indoor playplace to replace outdoor playground outings.  Stay hydrated.  Use a hand held fan.  There are lots of options, and here are a few more ideas for staying safe and comfy in warm weather.

What tricks do you experienced babywearers have for staying cool while staying close?
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  • Monika August 1, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    I’ve been really curious about this! My husband and I are having our very first baby this winter and while baby wrapping in winter sounds like a win-win, I am worried about baby wrapping my few month old baby in the 100 degree weather we get here in Kansas. Which fabrics are light enough for summer, but strong enough to keep my little Biscuit secure? How hot is too hot for baby wrapping?


    • Diana August 30, 2011 at 7:09 pm

      Monika, even in Summer I think you’ll find that you are in plenty of cool places: grocery stores, malls, your house and the houses of others. If you expect to be spending much time outside going for walks, hanging at the park, etc, I think you’ll find gauze wraps to be the coolest and thinnest. EllaRoo wraps are another cool option. These thin wraps will be great in Winter too, as they don’t add much bulk when you add your winter layers. So I’d say, buy a hot-weather wrap and use it in the winter, too, if you only have the budget for one. When you are out in hot weather, pay attention to make sure it’s not too hot for your baby. Look for signs of dehydration and drink plenty of water yourself. If you’re breastfeeding, your baby will get what he needs from your breastmilk. Congratulations–you’re in for an amazing adventure!


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