Is my baby too big for a wrap?

10th June, 2012 / Baby Wrap Benefits / No Comments

Hiking with a big kid wrapped on my back.

I hear this question a lot, and my answer is that, if you use a stroller and you want to ditch it, a wrap is your answer!  Or if you wind up carrying your child and want a more comfortable solution, a wrap is your answer!  Some people don’t think of their pre-schoolers as being in-arms, but when you think about it you may realize that you end up carrying them on hikes, at the end of a long zoo day, when they can’t be counted on to stay out of the street, oe when you’re in a hurry to pick up the pace.  It may be daily or weekly.  And since they’re pre-schoolers, that might be an achy proposition!  Your wrap can be there for all those times.  It’s a piggy back ride, but your child doesn’t have to hold on, and you don’t either!

If your child takes care of all his or her own mobility, then you probably don’t need one, unless you have a special circumstance wherein more time spent wrapped together would be advantageous, perhaps in the case of an adoptive child or one with sensory issues.

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