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5th October, 2010 / Baby Wrap Benefits / 7 Comments

I have countless precious moments and memories of my two babies wrapped against me.  I often think back to when I was a teenager, long before my own babies, and I saw a woman wearing her baby in the grocery store.  I immediately decided I would wear my babies too.  It was so obviously perfect.  And it reminds me that often we are changing people’s lives and futures even when we don’t know it.

I hope every babywearer knows that she is not only taking the best care of her own babies, but changing the world when people see you keeping your baby close to your heart.  Wear your baby with pride and know that you deserve many thanks that you might not always hear.  Several moms I’ve heard from have cited an unknown babywearing stranger as the influence that piqued their interest in babywearing–that may have been you!

Here are just a few of the letters I’ve received from strangers that have turned me teary and made this business so worth my time:

“I just wanted to say thank you! I learned how to carry my baby through your videos and it has changed my life. Not only is my baby happier in the day and sleeping better at night, it saved me from my postpartum depression. I got my life back – and even better! Words can not express…”

–Sophia, carrying a two year old and four month old in San Diego

“Thank you for all the instruction how how to carry a baby in a wrap! I have used a Ergo carrier, a Snugli, slings, and a Maya wrap, but when it came to using a wrap, I was clueless. The pictures and videos on your site have been priceless to me. Now, I’ve shared your site with all my facebook friends! Thank you so much!!!”


“Hi! I actually had a divine intervention the other day that led me to your site. I was in Kroger with my 2 year old and my 9 day old. I was having some issues with the commercial style carrier for the baby and your mom came over and introduced herself. She told me I should really look at a sling and gave me your card. I was actually very happy because I have always intended to use a sling. I just never got around to doing it and my brother-in-law gave me a front carrier and the rest is history. I never ever used it with my two year old. Anyway, I just got a chance to visit your site. I was expecting a site with stuff for sale. Instead, I am so psyched because you gave such detailed info that because I sew and keep tons of fabric, I can try to tie one tonight!!  I am a stay-at-home mom, too, so I have my kids with me all the time and this will be so nice for the baby. Just wanted to let you know…”

“Just wanted to say that our baby girl was born yesterday (!!!) and I forwarded your newsletter to my husband from my hospital bed last night……..When he visited us this morning, he casually announced that he’d really like me to show him how to carry her in a wrap when we get home! Thank you!!!!”


“I just want to take a minute to thank you for your wonderful wrapping videos and instructions. I’m not so new to baby wearing but I am pretty new to wrapping and your site has been SO helpful to me. Thank you so much!!!!! ”

“I met you four years ago at a hotel in Clearwater where you sold me a Moby and an Ellaroo.  I think of you often, and wanted to thank you for the most recent email about the birth of your beautiful third daughter!  Congratulations on the VBAC.  (I have also had one of those J).  When I met you I believe I was buying a wrap for my sister, who was expecting her first child and also one for myself…for my third son.  We now have four sons and our youngest brings me the Ellaroo all the time and asks to be put into it.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your passion the way that you do.”

“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your site is and how thankful I am for it.  I am wearing my third baby as I write this.  He is so happy on my back (in a Didymos rubinrot).  I’ve been using your site for a couple years now and have learned so much.  God bless you!”

“I have to tell you that I am so thankfull that I found your website! If you don’t mind, I would like to tell you my story. About a week ago, I was walking around a local farmers market with my 2 year old daughter in a stroller and my 7 month old son in a baby bjorn carrier. I saw this mom with her daughter (about the age of my son) in the most comfortable carrier I had ever seen! I couldn’t help but ask her where she got it. That is when I was introduced to the world of wraps and what I would call “true” babywearing.  So, After our encounter, I couldn’t wait to get one of my own. Money is tight because I am a stay at home mom, so I just went to the fabric store for mine, as did the woman at the market.

“Ever since the day I brought it home, I have been wearing him with the one wrap that she showed me, but once I found your website this morning it was like a light went off. My son, Xander is going through some serious separation anxiety and everyones advice to me is to not carry him and let him learn to be independent. Well, I have tried, but I can just feel that it is not what either of us needs. You website has helped me give Xander what he needs, while still allowing me to get everything done I need to do in a day. He even nursed today for the first time while in the wrap! I just feel such a sense of contentment now with our situation. In just this short time, I feel much more connected to him.

“To make the story even better, when he went down for a nap, I asked my two year old if she wanted to “ride” she of course obliged and loved being so close to mom! She snuggled right in there and I could just see her eyes light up. (forgive me, I am getting very teary eyed right now) I just know that she has had such a hard time adjusting to her new baby brother and sharing the attention. Everyone pushes me to make her grow up faster and get over it, but after seeing her face today, I couldn’t disagree more. I know my family is going to tell me how awful it is that I carry my kids around all day, but I now have the confidence to do what I believe my children need. I am so greatful that there are people like you and the woman I met at the farmers market to help moms who don’t feel natural with some of the more modern parenting techniques.

“I am STILL SO GREATFUL for all of the amazing information you have provided.  Thank you again for everything!!”


“Because wearing my baby makes her more eye-level, I feel that others interact with her more as a person versus an objectified infant. I sat my baby on the couch yesterday and reached for my wrap.  She squealed with delight and clapped her hands together!  That’s a satisfied customer ;)”

Darla and baby in their new Anna Storchenwiege

Darla and baby in their new Ulli Storchenwiege

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️


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