Mary EllaRoo is back!

10th January, 2013 / Wrap Your Baby Business / 4 Comments

I really, really want to bring Mary EllaRoo back. She was my first wrap, and my favorite. She’s cradled all three of my babies. And I get asked about her all the time. No, sorry, this wrap was discontinued.

Nursing Hands Free in a Mary EllaRoo

So what would it take to get Mary made again?
* I need 20 pre-orders to help me finance having an entire design woven just for us.
* It will take about 8 weeks for the wraps to be handwoven and shipped to me from Guatemala.
* It will take 3 days for US customers to receive them once I receive them. I’ll just have a shipping party that day.

I’m doing it. But I need orders in by Friday if this is going to happen right now. A little added incentive: coupon code: MaryTime gets you $10 off this exclusive and rare colorway!

Mary is 100% cotton handwoven in Guatemala. It is a popular Summer wrap as it is thinner than most any woven wrap around. It is a great Winter wrap, too, as it doesn’t add bulk under Winter coats and gear. Because it is thin, it is an easy to work with supple wrap that is great for new wrappers. Like all EllaRoo wraps, Mary has fringe on both ends, and the ends are not tapered.

The colors are are a beautiful, yet subtle kaleidoscope of earthy colors composed of shades of  dark earthy red, mustard yellow, olive green, and autumn orange.

Any questions?

Double Hammock Back Carry with Mary EllaRoo

Click here to buy a wrap. Thank you for your business! This is how I support my family. - Diana ❤️


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