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I love our group!  I so look forward to every Wednesday, I have a blast when I’m there, and I leave feeling like I’ve helped as much as I’ve been helped, with a renewed love for humanity!

Today we talked about sleep (toddler sleep), which led to a discussion of routines (not schedules), and we were able to validate one mommy’s instincts about caring for her distressed baby, rather than teaching her baby to deal with distress quietly by herself.  All of this helped me, though I hadn’t asked any questions, by reinforcing my own parenting choices and serving as a reminder that baby challenges are a fact of every parenting style, and that those challenges pass so quickly that today’s disaster is barely remembered next week.

We talked about shy toddlers, why shyness would be equated with low self esteem, and whether loving support of a toddler’s native personality is enough to help foster self confidence.  This led to an examination of how a mother’s experiences color her view of her children, and the sorts of things she will be concerned about.  Yes, we concluded that babies and children should be supported and encouraged, and that is the best we can do to provide them with a foundation for a happy life.

A mom who is new to our group has a new baby and no milk–due to complications at the birth her own milk had dried up.  Several of the other moms shared contact information with her so that they could get together to nurse her baby for her, and someone suggested a supplemental nursing system–wherein breastmilk donated by members of our group can be fed to her baby through a tube running into the baby’s mouth while the baby is latched onto . . . his mother!  This will simultaneously provide the baby with breastmilk, promote all of the other benefits of nursing (more of which have to do with the physical act than the milk), AND very likely stimulate the momma’s own milk to return!

And there was babywearing.  One mom has a baby with leg in a cast.  She had a ring sling, which is not my forte, but I do know enough about it to realize that the little boy’s cast, which covers his knee, is holding his leg in a position not quite bent enough to provide a good seat in a ring sling.  So we got out the wraps.  Her friend (and member of our group) is going to lend her a do-it-yourself gauze wrap (or simple piece of cloth), so we practiced a back carry, because the mom said her baby wants to be held constantly–even when she has to prepare lunch.  A back carry will allow them to stay close while she is able to get things done.

Ideally, in any good baby carrier, a baby’s knees are high and bent.  Given the constraints of the cast, one knee will be not quite so bent.  However a good double hammock carry supports him well and provides enough security that he will stay well seated and safe.


Alicia wanted a hip carry, so we did the Poppins Hip Carry.  Then Michelle showed us her own invented carry which I’m going to have to do a tutorial for because I thought it was SO COOL.  Similar to a Poppins, but easier and more poppable, in my opinion.

Can’t wait for next week!

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  • Alicia Prescott November 15, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Wow! How do you remember all of that?? I too so enjoy our weekly meetings and am always looking forward to the next one! I’ve already made good use of the hip carry and can’t wait until Max can hold his head up good enough to tackle a back carry. I am in such awe of all your baby wrapping knowledge. 🙂


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