Moms’ Circle 23 June 2010


Evelyn began our discussion today with an admonition that we are here to support each other, and not to nitpick the particulars of our parenting choices.  We are better mothers when we are emotionally (and physically) available to our children.  As the mother, we are often wholly responsible for our children all the time, without someone playing a similar role to our needs.  As a group we can provide that for each other, emotionally recharging each other.

Perhaps it was this opening suggestion, but we had rather a teary time today.  It was amazingly wonderful to get together with moms and babies and siblings, and also get to hear out the travails and hardships some of us are facing.  We have enough in common that we can share the experiences and feelings even when the circumstances are different.

The discussion touched on loss of a loved one, dealing with our emotions while raising our babies and the effects it will have on them, fear of changes and an unknowable future, communication with spouses and relationships, feelings of not contributing enough or not being appreciated, and we shared advice on teething, sleeping, and, of course, babywearing!

We glowed happily for Ainsley and Susan who missed the group today because they are home with their brand new nurslings, and we congratulated Susan’s husband and son who came by to visit.  We welcomed Michelle who drove down to our meeting from Alabama, and who we’ve missed since she moved, and marveled at her growing girl.  We were happy to see moms who haven’t made it for several weeks, and a new mom, too.  We joyfully met with the moms who make it every week and who we look forward to seeing each Wednesday.

We had to disperse rather rapidly at the end as it had gotten late and everyone had to go but no one wanted to.








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