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17th November, 2010 / Parenting & Baby Tangents / No Comments

Today’s meeting culminated in a fantastic birth discussion.  We went from giving advice to welcoming a baby into your homes, hearts, and lives, to Joanna’s birth story which contained such beauty and inspiration that tears, questions, and observations all flowed freely.  Our “new baby” advice was aimed at the expectant moms in the group (both of the pregnant mamas at today’s group will be first time moms) and our mama whose baby will be leaving the NICU soon to come home for the first time.  Each mom had specific circumstances worth considering, as each of us is unique in our situation.  And we all anticipate bringing our babies home with such eagerness and love!

As someone who recently welcomed a new baby, Joanna contributed her experiences and segued right into her birth.  We discussed the emotional issues present in pregnancy and birth, dad’s feelings and often-unaddressed emotions, the impact of the presence of others at the birth (Joanna was alone with her husband when they met their baby), the things that contribute to a peaceful birth, and the things learned from birth that make EVERY birth experience valuable.  Evolution has brought birth to what it is

It all makes me reevaluate my own births–in my experience, always a valuable exercise.  It makes me think about my births to come, as well.  Just listening helps to work through some of my own thoughts and hang-ups, but tossing out thoughts and ideas in our safe and loving circle really moves me forward on my personal discovery process and is so much fun!  I can’t wait to birth again!

Dana had an excellent topic that we didn’t get to (I realize now that I am home, sitting at my computer), and I hope that next week we get to discuss parental expectations. . . how to recognize them and change them if need be!  As a momma going through a transitional phase right now, this is of great interest to me!

We discussed carseats, cloth diapers, tummy time, and natural cleaning products.  We discussed how to mother while healing a sprained ankle and the best kind of footwear.  We discussed diaper rash and milk-sharing.  We laughed, we cried.  It was a meeting of the moms.

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