My Spoiled Baby

I am guilty of spoiling my baby.

She expects to be picked up when she cries, and I do everything I can to comfort her.

I spoil her by nursing whenever she is hungry.

She is so spoiled, she sleeps with us in bed every night and I help her fall asleep every time she wakes.

She is spoiled with my attention, even though it means we won’t have a second income to buy her things.

I spend time entertaining her and trying to make her laugh just to make her happy.

She spoils me too.

She lets me hold her whenever I want.

She spends hours just cuddling and nursing.

She spoils me by letting me stay in bed all night.

She spends all day engaging and enchanting me and nearly every smile that crosses her lips is for me.

Maybe when we’re old and gray we’ll regret having spoiled each other.  But I doubt it.


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