New baby, no blog?

For those that are wondering, I do have the itch to blog many wonderful things now that I have a newborn.  And I am doing lots of wrapping, including nursing in the wrap and tandem wrapping with my 18 month old.  But I’m so busy and my hands are so full all the time, it’s been tough to get to blog.  I probably would manage anyway, but on top of that, I haven’t managed to recharge my camera batteries SINCE CASSIDY WAS BORN!  And, btw, he is almost 2 months old.  So!

I just can’t bring myself to blog about squishy newborn wrapping without pictures.  It’s such a . . . waste.

So, sorry, for the lack of blogging.  We’re in a big transitionary phase just now, after which I plan to have my act together and my ducks in a row.  No, it’s not a duck act.

I’m going to end off this apology blog and do a couple of real ones now because I have some pictures to go with them.  Not pictures of the baby, sorry.  My husband has taken some with his phone, though, and when we have a chance to breathe for four seconds IN A ROW, I’ll get him to send them to me and do some retroactive blogging.  Deal?

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